An individual is always wary of starting a serious relationship with someone because they do not want to face the trauma of heartbreak later on. They want to invest their time in someone who is truly understanding of their needs and compatible with them. Nobody engages in a long term relationship without giving the matter a second thought. We always consider the other person whether they are right for us or not and whether the initial impression we got of them is accurate. Our sun signs do predict our personality traits and guide us in this regard to some extent. Even the most skeptical people will admit that few of the traits mentioned by your respective sun-sign holds some manner of truth in them.

Considering the fact that sun-signs may guide us some of the way might be enough to realize what kind of relationship we are in. If you are concerned about your girlfriend you are currently been with you might be interested to have a look to gauge where the relationship might be headed to. Of course these observations may not be taken as fact and only as a general guideline as what to expect. You will be better prepared and be ready for any surprises you may have overlooked when you fell for the girl head over heels.

12. Sagittarius

These are the most self-sacrificing individual out there. They will hold their pain to themselves and may be the biggest critics of their own self but never make you feel the same way. They will prioritize you above everything else even if it means to let go of their own interests. They are very sensitive of their actions and make sure whatever they do is not affecting you in any undesirable way. Sagittarius woman have this zeal to live life to the fullest and they will uplift you with their contagious enthusiasm. They love to have fun and adventure and win you over with their positive attitude towards life. They are very reserved but once you win their heart over you will not find anyone more loyal and caring in a relationship.

11. Pisces

This is a water sign and naturally mean Pisces woman has a lot of empathy in their character. They will really try their best to connect with you and share your grief. They can prove to be the best supporters as partners since they are always looking out to make you feel best about yourself. They are very sensitive and compassionate in both their words and actions which can endear them to anyone. They are smart and can pick up on your body language and learn more about you through the way you carry yourself. This enables them to detect if you are facing some difficult situation and they will do anything in their capacity to help you out. Even if you have differences of opinion and arguments you can be assured that Pisces girl will always try to amend the situation. They will try to make things work out for the better as they do not believe in confrontations and look for peaceful relations.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns do not look for a fling but a serious long term relationship. It means you will have to step up to their idea of serious boyfriend material or you could expect a breakup call soon. They tend to be perfectionists in their relationship and it may be hard to cope with. However once anyone notice the efforts they make in preserving the relationship is worth their while to perfect their own attitude towards healthier relationship. They may appear as the dominating one in the relationship but you will learn to let go of that as you realize they are only protective of you. They may seem standoffish initially but that is because they do not trust anyone easily. Once you get the access to their heart you will see a hopeless romantic which is a very rare sight and you should consider yourself lucky to secure a relationship.

9. Libra

Like the scales of justice you will have a well-balanced person who is both just and honest in their relationship and expect the same from you. They are not good at handling conflicts as they try to renounce such negative energy in a relationship. You will need to have a deep and meaningful communication with them to let them share their worries as they will never be able to initiate a conversation regarding their misgivings. They are very sociable and in a way boast of their relationship with you to everyone. The only thing which mostly ends relationships with Libra is the element of jealousy. They are charismatic and forthcoming and being social means they will interact with other people which might make their partners uneasy and consequently jealous. If they feel you are imposing yourself in some manner or being over protective will make them draw away from you.

8. Gemini

Well if you are dating a Gemini girl you are either very spontaneous or like being with people who are unpredictable because Gemini are exactly that. They might be laughing with you and being the life of the party and the next minute they might be depressed and detached from everything. If you could keep up with their oscillating mood swings you are more than welcome to look forward to investing your time in this relationship. They made in the top five due to the fact that when they love someone they are crazy about it the point of being a fanatic. However if you let them down once it is hard you will get another opportunity.

7. Aquarius

They are the strangest zodiac as far as romance is concerned. While they will love you deeply but at the same time they will appear emotionally detached. They have this need to be independent and wanting their own space even in the most intimate of relationships. The best thing about them is they are very encouraging of any shortcoming you have. They will not criticize you but rather make you improve and refine yourself. On the contrary they will share with you their insecurities and making them to accept their shortcomings is hard. They will feel they are inadequate in some way and will frustrate their partner with constant need for approval. The key with them is making them learn to accept their flaws with patience and forbearance.

6. Leo

Coming in at number 7 because we feel if you think you can tame the fiery nature and flaring tempers of a Leo woman you may have another thought coming. They are the dominating ones in any situation and you will do well to stand out of their path. They are usually very romantic but short tempered and with very high expectations from their partners. If you fit the bill you may survive with them but only just. They will have no problem expressing themselves but you will be on wafer thin ice if you do not return the favor.

5. Cancer

They are very loving indeed but their affection is highly possessive in nature and if they feel they are not loved back equally they will be hurt. They have a tendency to remain skeptical of others even in their romantic relationships. This lack of trust pushes people away from them and makes others weary of engaging in a relationship with them. They will be deathly afraid of facing a rejection and the moment they even feel that way they will get out of the relationship. If you ever cross their path just remember you have made them your life long enemy because they do not forgive at all and no question about forgetting it.

4. Taurus

They are very strong headed and determined in what they set out to achieve. They value their spirit of freedom more than their relationship with others. If you are in a relationship with a Taurus woman you need to respect the fact that will set the pace of the relationship. If you cannot commit to the slow progression in your relationship you can expect no relationship at all because they will break up without a second thought. Do not expect a second chance because they only let anyone fall from their grace once.

3. Aries

They like to rush into things and at the same time never relinquish their hold on the relationship. It is very hard to have a relationship with them on an even scale as they want to be the one who call the shots. Domineering and tough on the outside it will be hard to win their heart but if you do you will have to play according to their rules if you want to make the relationship to progress.

2. Virgo

The main thing which makes relationship difficult with a Virgo person is their constant drive for perfection. They will hold such high standards that one will simply fail in pleasing them. They are also insecure of their own projected image. They might compensate that by being overly aggressive and this makes them very difficult in a relationship.

1. Scorpio

They are brutally honest in their feedback and would not even think if they have hurt your feelings since they do not really accommodate how other person felt. If your point of view is different they will argue with you to the world’s end until you accept you are in the wrong. Another thing is sometimes they appear indifferent on the outside even when they are hurt on the inside. They will expect you to be aware of their needs and make blame you for emotional unavailability. However if you learn to get in their good books you will find them to be very loyal and loving.


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