Everyone has a set of expectations in a relationship, We often think that we as women have the biggest expectations in a relationship, but to be honest, we’re dead wrong to think that. Guys have major expectations about every part of a relationship. They have an idea of the kind of woman they’d like to settle down with, the kind of relationship they’d want to have, and even the kind of family he wants when that time comes. That being said, guys fall into the same trap women do: they end up basing what they want in a relationship on the things and people they want rather than what they need. This can lead him to make the same dumb decisions women make in life and in love.

As much as we have an idea of what we want in a relationship, we often don’t take the same time to figure out what it is that we need in a relationship. Some of us are lucky enough to know what they need, but for the rest of us, it’s all about trial and error. For guys, they often end up looking for women to fill a certain role in their lives, not realizing that they need a woman to be a partner, not an archetype. Some guys are looking for a girl they can show off, but they need a girl who’s going to be supportive. Others want a girl they can relate to but really need a girl who’s going to take them out of their comfort zone. Regardless, you can learn a lot about what you need in a relationship with your zodiac. Here is what every guy wants in a relationship based on their zodiac versus what they should really be looking for. Make sure you check out his moon sign as well!


16. Water Signs: He Wants Someone Beautiful But Needs Compatibility

Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These guys are very much affected by physical beauty because to them, that’s one of the things that make up “the perfect woman” All Water sign guys are at least a little idealistic, even if they don’t want to admit it. They’re most likely to go for women who seem like the perfect woman, someone they can idealize and they can admire. This is also why it’s really hard to get a Water sign guy to admit he likes you: he’s so busy admiring you from afar that he forgets to actually talk to you. As much as he wants someone he can admire, he honestly needs compatibility more than that. He needs someone who isn’t really the same as him rather than someone who understands him in a genuine way. These guys need someone who fits into their lives and whose baggage compliments their own.


15. Cancer: He Wants “The Perfect Girlfriend” But Needs Honesty

Cancer guys love the idea of love. These are the guys who have the perfect woman planned out in their heads, but thanks to their general shyness, they won’t make moves and let themselves fall in love. For example, my best guy friend is a Cancer, and for years he had this dream that the woman for him was going to be a certain way. The “perfect woman” landed in his lap a couple of years ago, and it took him forever to admit to himself that he had feelings for him, then it took him forever to actually admit it to her so they could move forward. He thought that the woman he was dating was going to be perfect, but she wasn’t because no one is. Rather, she was exactly what he needed: someone brutally honest who would tell him exactly what she thought of something. They’re still together. In an ideal situation, a Cancer man can have this, too!


14. Scorpio: He Wants Adoration But Needs Trust

The average Scorpio guy seems unemotional, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Under a very thin exterior is a deep intensity boiling just below the surface, and women looking to get with a Scorpio man need to keep this in mind in case the kitchen gets too hot for them, so to speak. The Scorpio guy puts on a good front that he’s not that emotional, but the people who know him best, like his girlfriends, know better. This isn’t the guy you need if you want someone solid, traditional, and stable: a Scorpio man is an emotional rollercoaster that only stops going when you leave him. The average Scorpio guy wants someone who’s going to adore him as intensely as he might adore them, but in reality, he needs someone with whom he can foster a mutual trust. He needs someone he can trust with his feelings and someone who can trust him, which means more to him than anything.


13. Pisces: He Wants A Project But Needs Stability

The Pisces man is selfless, which is why he tends to go for women who are a bit less stable, even people he’d want to “fix.” The Pisces man isn’t straightforward, preferring to dance around things and scope someone out before diving into a relationship. Unfortunately, he has such an idealized view of love that he’s almost always disappointed. He’ll pour his heart into someone only for him to realize that it takes more than love to sustain a relationship. This is why he needs a woman who will give him the stability he craves. The Pisces man is a dreamer, a really easygoing sort of guy who will be really loyal to his partner. He needs someone who will be supportive and just as loyal as he is, or else he’s going to feel lost in the relationship and pull away.


12. Earth Signs: He Wants An Independent Woman But Needs Support

The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. All three signs are hardworking, straightforward, and stable, so the men under the signs are much the same way. They prioritize different things, but what they all want is an independent woman who will have her own goals and not impede his own. While independence is a great thing for anyone to have, especially in a relationship, what Earth sign guys really need is a support system. A woman who knows how to be supportive knows when to get her Earth sign guy to stop working so hard and when to push him to keep trying. The perfect woman for an Earth sign guy is her own person who won’t suffocate him, but won’t leave him alone when it matters, either. Ideally, she won’t be too flighty or flaky either, because Earth sign guys hate that and don’t need it at all.


11. Taurus: He Wants Romance But Needs Respect

The average Taurus man delights in sweeping a woman off her feet, so the thing he’s going to want in a relationship is a lot of the romance stuff. This is the guy who will wine and dine you at the best restaurants he knows, the guy who will cook for you and be the knight in shining armor you always dreamed of. Taureans are known for their affinity for the finer things in life, and the men are no exception. Expect your Taurus guy to be dressed to the nines, cultured, and generally taking delight in luxury. However, the average Taurus, regardless of gender, is stubborn and headstrong, and the thing he’s really going to need is a woman who will respect his decisions and the person he is. He’s kind of a traditionalist, so you’ll be romanced regardless of the person you are, but above all, if he feels like there’s no respect, he’s not going to be able to give respect and the relationship will be dead.


10. Virgo: He Wants Practicality But Needs A Dreamer

The average Virgo man is practical and values practicality in others. When he looks for a woman to date, he seeks perfection, but in a different way than other signs do. Rather than looking for the most beautiful woman, he will only choose to fall in love after he’s weighed the pros and cons of getting emotionally invested in a particular person and decides that it’s the right thing to do. He won’t be super romantic in the way that other signs will, but he will bend over backward for you in smaller, more understated ways. Sure, you won’t end up wined and dined, but if you need furniture built, the Virgo man will be there. He