My anaconda don’t, my anaconda don’t…
My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun”

Whenever we talk about someone with a big butt, we think about very select celebs – like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj etc. Their reputation with the big butts is known throughout. But still, they have to thank the plastic surgeons for giving them the titles.

But what if I tell you that there is a girl who has buttocks much bigger than any of these celebrities and that too no thanks to botox. So, step aside Nicki Minaj! This girl will give even them a run for their money!

Have a look at her, guys!


Meet Raylynn

Here’s Raylynn from Atlanta, Georgia. She appears to be a regular girl – pretty, bold and confident. But there’s something that she is quite flaunting about.


Confident of Her Curves

Raylynn isn’t just a confident girl, this star Instagrammer has a whole account she has dedicated to be proud of her curves. Oh wait, you’re yet to believe it. Read on, to check more about her.


Damn, Those Curves!

I guess now you know what I am talking about. This girl on Instagram probably has the biggest butt in the world.


It’s All Natural!

Her casual, candid selfies get maximum likes, and she’s known for her natural looks. You must be wondering if it’s fake? Let me assure you that it isn’t.


It’s Not a Fake!

Before you think it’s fake, lemme tell you that Raylynn has a huge Instagram fanbase and people take tips from her on how to have a huge and an attractive butt.


Embrace Yourself

Raylynn is a strong supporter of Body positivity. She loves to share some self-love among youth and body acceptance. This raises the question – what is the secret behind her 70-inch butt?


Here’s a Shocker

She has been accused, all over the internet, about using Photoshop tricks to make herself look curvier than what she actually is. But that is not what’s behind her secret.

P.S. – Let me give you another shocker. This girl is already a mother of one kid.


A Medical Condition

Her torso is much slimmer and her hips appear to be unusually large. Her proportions may be a result of the condition Lymphoedema – a build-up of fluid in the tissues, causing them to swell. This can lead to aching, difficulty with movement and infection.

Makes you wonder what she is doing these days, doesn’t it?



However, she remains confident of her shape and frequently posts quotes about being positive whatever your size such as ‘Hate only affects those who let it affect them.


Snarky Sense of Humor

She’s chill enough to accept her body as is and also make fun of herself at her figure along with snarky captions.



Raylynn describes herself as a top ‘PAWG‘, which is an acronym for ‘phat ass white girl‘.


“Not A Porn Star”

I’m not a porn star, I’m not going to be a porn star,” she told Daily Mail.

She adds – “You’d got to be talking a million. I have a daughter, she doesn’t want to see her mama’s vagina on the internet. Modelling, advertising, workouts, is where I’m heading to shape my figure into a better bigger booty.


Business Opportunity

Raylynn uses her unusual body shape as an asset for a business opportunity, charging fans a monthly subscription for photos and videos of her. You can Follow Raylynn on her Instagram Account. Share this article with your friends and despite this being the story of a large badonkadonk, spread the message of body-positivity.



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