Ting Tong! Do you wake up in the morning and check your phone longing for a sweet “I Love you sweety, Good morning” message from her? Do you look at that coffee mug imagining a heart which does not exist when you see it with your eyes open? Or do you just continue to imagine her preparing your breakfast in your kitchen? Then my dear friend congratulations you are in love. But just to burst your fantasy bubble: are the feelings mutual or is it just you roaming around alone in your Lalaland holding her hand or swaying on some slow romantic beat? If the answer to my question is a big yes then I am sorry to break the news to you but yes you are involved in a one-sided affair. So, if you are still ambiguous we can explore some signs to confirm the notion! Following are the symptoms of being in a one-sided relationship.



Does she talk about how much she loves nature? And the only way you can respond is by making a weird face because you want to talk about the latest movie you watched about robots? If that is the case then you are in a wrong relationship because both of you are different persons living in different spaces. The reason is that if you want to live with someone you need to have some common grounds and interests which you can share mutually. This is important for a relationship because in the long-run people who are similar last longer than those who are completely aliens to each other.



My dear friends if the only communication between you both is through “texts” then you are in some serious trouble. Please do not hate me for saying this but yes texting each other can never be the same as talking. There are instances when the person who is texting or the person you get to meet in actual are completely different. So, it is better to move out of the texting phase and try to communicate through other means as well maybe fix a date or surprise her by visiting her place. (P.S only if you know the address 😊 LOL)



When you are having a conversation with her she is never interested to know about you or your life. Also, she never asks you about your aspirations and dreams in life. Then she is just not in to you because she is not looking for a future with you. A person who loves you will always love to talk about you but if the case is otherwise you are in a toxic relationship.



When you tell her that you like steak half done and she goes on for the entire dinner telling you this is the worst thing to eat? No matter how much you try if you are with this type of girl there are high chances of this being a short-term relationship. If someone can not respect your choices then they are not the right kind of people to be with and will only create negativity in your life. If both of you hold different perspectives and she is not accepting your choices then she is not for you.



If she ignores your request of meeting her family then this is a strong sign of the fact that she does not want to be with you. This signifies that it not going to last for a long time. Meeting her family would be an important step towards your relationship and if she is stopping you from doing so then its better to move on. Better luck next time!



Does she continually tell you how much she and her ex were close to each other when you want to have those talks discussing your relation. If she still can not forget her ex then it is a warning sign indicating that she is not ready to get over him. Also, she is just perceiving you as her punch bag on which she can vent out her feelings. Boy! if that is the case its time to dump her and find someone who accepts you as a person.



Is she self-obsessed with herself? Does she only talk about how she gorgeous she looked at a certain event where you were not even present? Or she continually tells you that other girls are jealous of her. This means that she is only interested in herself and is completely oblivious of how someone else might be thinking about her. Such girls might not prove to be long-term partners and are likely to be self-centered.



If you are seeing this kind of a girl then be prepared for a bombshell soon. This is because such girls never want to take things to the next level and is just perceiving you as that friend who is just there to listen to her blabbering. Trigger point: time to find someone else.



People who truly loves you will always try to make you a priority rather than an option. If she is not serious about yours and her relationship she will always be “busy” for you. In that case its I am sorry to burst your bubble but she is not your type. P.S Do not hate me for saying this 😊



Does she meet you only when she wants to visit Sephora? Or do you end up paying the dinner bill. In that scenario she thinks she can charm you in to being that ATM card for her. This signifies that you are only needed when she runs out of new stuff to show off. *Evil laugh* It is time for you to realize that she is giving a strong signal that is just one-sided. Next time when you get a call from her to meet for dinner do not take cash or credit cards with you and chuckle at her reaction. TADA!



How excited you get at the prospect of seeing her in the evening. You have spent the whole day in office imagining how fantastic it is going to be! As you are about to leave the house all set up and you hear the beep! It’s a I am sorry text from her saying she would not be able to make it today! Then you are certainly dating the wrong one. It is time to realize that she is just wasting your time and will never want to be with you since you are not important for her. The sooner you understand the better it is for you.



No matter how strong-headed you pretend to be there we all yearn for love in our lives. But it can not be ruled out that without commitment this feeling can never be intensified. So, both persons in a relationship must be ready to commit to each other. If you are already on the way to commitment but she is not its time to stop and think that if this person is worth it or not.

Without long-term commitment it is impossible to think of other steps.



If you feel singled out when you are with her or if she makes fun of literally anything you say.

Even while sitting amongst friends she mocks you then she is trying to give you that feeling she does not like you and you both are not a thing. Such girls are the ones who might even go up to the extent of using you to make other guys jealous of not being able to get closer to her. Stop being treated like this and chin up man! She is just wasting your time and playing with your emotions. High time to get those search goggles on again! 😉



How many times she has actually spoke to you seriously? If not even once then do not bother talking to her again. It is difficult to suppress your feelings but if the other person does not even show a single bit of emotion towards you then it is just useless to wait for such people. Someone who does not even make an effort to talk to you is just not right for you.



The most important aspect of a relationship is to celebrate and cherish moments like birthdays, anniversaries, planning surprises for each other, and trying to remember that love is about being thankful. But if you are the one who is constantly making such advances than you should get the feeling that something is wrong about your relationship. If she is the type of person who does not make efforts to keep you happy then it means your happiness does not matter to her. So spend some time thinking even if she is the right one for you!



Do you often wonder what are her hobbies or what are her favorite travel destinations? Sharing such information with your significant other tells you how much they want to be with you and love being with you. If you do not know anything about her this depicts she just does not want it to get personal and it is a sign that she is not considering you as her partner.



If you are dating someone who can go to a party alone several times or any other event if you could not make it, chances are that she is not interested in you. She is the kind of person who does not care whether you are with her or not. This means she is not willing to take it to the next level so its better to beware and stop caring for such indifferent people.



If she never insists that you both meet each other it is better to leave such a relationship rather than waiting for her to change because she will never. This is because she has never considered you her priority and will never. Couples who are madly in love with each other will always make efforts to spend more time with significant other. The fact that she does not make such advances shows that she does not want to get involved in this relationship and you should take this seriously and move on.



It is a widely believed phenomenon now that body language is more important than verbal communication. It is now an integral mode of knowing how the other person thinks about you. If she does not try to make eye contact with you while you are talking and is trying to look around she is giving you signs that she is bored. Also, if she often interrupts you and talks passes remarks about another guy she finds attractive. Then she is just not into you! It is important for you to consider that you are not the type of person she wants to be with.

While these are important signs to consider if the person you are chasing is not in to you, the fact can not be ruled out that one should be open about it. In that way, both of you will save the other’s time for trying to wait and see if things change because they will never. It would be better to go ahead and find someone who reciprocates your love rather than being with someone who is indifferent about you!


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