It is time we accept the fact that the teenagers today are cooler than what we used to be! They have a much-reformed taste of dressing up. Ummm… How many times have you looked at the picture perfect clicks of the chics today and felt that you lacked it all in your days? Well, let me tell you, a lot of credit also goes to the advent of social media. Its vocal presence is what is making the teens these days acquire the latest trends from dressing to dating!

Lol! Not going in that angle in this piece, but there is surely a sea change in the kind of lifestyle of teenagers then and now. Moreover, there are teenage celebrity accounts that a lot of teens these days have notified themselves to. From the likes of Malia Obama, 18 to Rowan Blanchard, 15, teens are taking the social media by storm, and we are simply ‘Haww’ing at their latest pictures!


#1. There was a time when these bandanas were considered chic!

Compared to this, when even the chopped hair make for a good fashion statement


#2. When we did not mind mending our hair into two cute little ponies on either side

Compared to this super sexy look of chic hairstyle, styled with some attitude


#3. When those bell bottoms were the latest fad

Compared to these skin-tight denims, which make us go mad with their fit


#4. When we endorsed statement belts around our waists and did not mind looking as bulky in them

Compared to this way of carrying statement belts, fastening loose shirts with them


#5. When we did not mind that extra flab on our bodies… We hid that under clothes

And today, you will have to search for flesh in their bodies


#6. When those off shoulders used to be teamed with those funky capries and we considered ourselves hip

And today, the teens flawlessly carry those sexy AF leather pants, which were a rarity then


#7. Last, they carry see-throughs so gracefully, and so perfectly that they look best in them

Compared to the color-drenched outfits that were a favourite amongst us!


So basically, they were themselves and we will be ourselves! Times change, so do our lifestyles.


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