What do guys find attractive about us… and what do they hate about us? We never really know, even though we might have some faint ideas. After all, it’s not like our guy friends or brothers or boyfriends are really going to tell us the truth. Not very likely. If we asked them what turns them on and off about girls, they would probably laugh, mumble something, and then change the subject. And we would be even more confused than we were before. It wouldn’t work out very well.

While every guy is different and that goes for his dating preferences too, there are some common threads in terms of what men find attractive and unattractive. From physical traits to personality types, there are some things about us that just drive men wild… and there are some things that drive them crazy (and not in a good way). So what are they?! The annoying thing is that guys aren’t going to tell us to our faces what they like and dislike about us. These things tend to be total and complete secrets. Thanks to men who have posted online, on sites like Reddit and ThoughtCatalog, we’ve got all the juicy details right here! Read on to find out 8 things men secretly find attractive and 8 things men find repulsive!


16. Attractive: “Glasses. Omg glasses. Maybe it appeals to my inner nerd.”

One guy posted this on Reddit and we couldn’t be more appreciative. Seriously, this is the best news ever. Well, it’s the best news ever if we wear glasses. But a good number of us probably do, right?!

Sure, we know that some men find the whole “innocent librarian” thing pretty hot and that’s why it’s such a popular Halloween costume and fantasy. But for the rest of us regular old glasses-wearing ladies, it’s not a costume or fantasy. We wear glasses because we literally need them. It’s nice to know that there are guys out there who will think that we’re beautiful just the way that we are and they won’t think that we need to wear contacts (which are annoying AF, let’s be real here).


15. Repulsive: “Stupid voices. I knew a girl who would always speak in a mix of baby talk and pterodactyl screech.”

Yup. We totally get why this guy would post this on Reddit. We don’t love when other girls try to sound stupider than they really are… or just think that it’s more attractive to talk in a baby voice.

Unfortunately, way too many girls do this, and it doesn’t seem like it’s something that is going away. Which is kind of weird. Without even knowing about this Reddit confession, we would have known that it’s not attractive when girls talk like this. And now that we know that this is how guys feel, it makes a ton of sense and makes it seem even worse. Let’s just agree to talk normally, okay?! What’s the point in sounding totally and utterly ridiculous?! Exactly. There is no point. No point at all.


14. Attractive: “I’m attracted to clumsy women.”

Another gem from Reddit, one of the greatest places on the Internet. If we would classify ourselves as clumsy, this is music to our ears. We probably all have those days where we’re tired and nothing seems to be going right and that means that we end up bumping into basically every piece of furniture and hard surface in our apartment. Ugh. For some of us, that might even be every single day. What can we say? This is just the way that we are.

It’s pretty cool that some guys are actually attracted to clumsy women. We like to think that our clumsy nature is cute and endearing and charming. So now that we know that some men find this hot, we’re going to believe it and embrace our inner klutz. This is something that makes us quirky and unique, right?


13. Repulsive: “It’s sort of a shallow answer, but if she actually keeps up with the Kardashians, I’m instantly turned off. Maybe the Kardashains themselves are nice people, I don’t know, but that boring, vapid show fill me with rage, and I know I’m probably not compatible with someone if that’s their favorite show.”

This is super interesting since most of us have probably seen at least one episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Hearing that a guy, who posted this on a forum on Reddit, would honestly stop dating someone or not even try to date them at all if they watched this show is pretty crazy. The truth is that even if a girl likes reality TV, it doesn’t mean that she’s “boring” and “vapid” like he said.

We probably all watch one reality show, if not more, and that doesn’t say anything bad about us. We like reality TV. It’s fun and it’s entertaining and that’s really all there is to say about it. At least now we know that some guys feel this way…


12. Attractive: “When they are easily excitable… get excited and energetic about an activity or event. For example they start getting all hyper and bubbly.”

Well, men of Reddit, it’s awesome to hear that you like it when we get super excited. Because let’s face it, most of us have two settings: we’re not into something or we’re so excited, we can’t even handle it. Just think about how we act when we see the latest episode of one of our favorite shows. We freak out about how good it was and just have to talk about it right this very minute. We text our BFFs enthusiastically and frantically and just can’t stop talking about how much we love this show. It’s a thing.

We think it’s pretty cute when guys get excited about something and can’t stop talking about it, so we can see that this would work both ways. Sometimes we’re super surprised by the things that we have in common with guys. And this is definitely one of those times.


11. Repulsive: “Order excessive amounts of stuff at a restaurant and consume ~10% of it. ‘Soda and a beer? At the same time? And you only took 2 sips of each.. lovely.’”

Hmmm. We’re guessing that this guy, who posted this on Reddit, has probably had this happen to him more than once… or else he wouldn’t sound so angry. And he definitely sounds pretty pissed off about girls who do this.

This is a pretty specific thing to find repulsive about women, so in that sense, it’s also pretty funny. Do all women really order two drinks (a soda AND a beer?!) and then refuse to drink any of them? We can’t really see anyone doing that, although we guess that this guy has experienced this firsthand. Look, maybe the girls that he witnessed ordering two drinks really were thirsty and couldn’t decide between soda and beer. What’s the big deal?! Does this really turn guys off? Why would someone even care that much about what we order and what we drink or don’t drink?


10. Attractive: “A pudgy stomach. Shredded abs don’t appeal as much to me, but I can appreciate fluffiness, or muffin tops as they call it.”

Thanks to Thought Catalog, we know now that not every guy wants us to have super flat stomachs. Phew. Didn’t we all just breathe a massive sigh of relief?!

Part of the female experience is feeling a ton of pressure to look a certain way… and usually that means having flat abs and a perfect body all around. Sure, we want to be healthy and happy, and we totally get that we should eat properly and spend some time in the gym or in yoga class or whatever form of exercise we like. But not everyone has flat abs, and not everyone wants them, either. It’s super comforting to know that some guys find less-than-flat stomachs attractive and that they don’t really care about what this part of our body looks like.


9. Repulsive: “Any woman that says ‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best’ that’s like trying to rationalize being horrible to someone.”

Oh, Reddit. The forums where men chat about the things that they love and don’t love so much about women are interesting, educational, informative, and, as this post proves, absolutely hilarious. This is honestly so funny.

We hear so many girls saying this statement, since it’s an infamous Marilyn Monroe quote, and we have to admit that we agree: it’s not a cool thing to say or think. Sure, being in a serious relationship means being vulnerable with our partner and showing them our real self, and sometimes that means that we’re going to be sick or tired or in a bad mood. But we don’t need to make excuses for bad behavior. Not at all. We get why guys would find this to be a totally gross thing and a real turn-off.


8. Attractive: “I recently saw my best friend’s girlfriend’s friend hook up an entire TV system. I was going to help but she insisted she had it under control. Within 20 minutes she had mounted a TV, sorted through the cords of an Xbox360 & a cable box, and had the entire thing up and running. So, I guess seeing a woman handle things that are traditionally done by a man.”

Yup, we can see why that would be super attractive. We always impress ourselves when we can change a tire or a light bulb or do something around the house that we didn’t think that we could do. This gem comes from Thought Catalog and we love knowing that this guy likes a woman who can do things herself.

While there’s a bit of a condescending tone to a statement about “seeing a woman handle things that are traditionally done by a man”, we know that this guy means well and that he doesn’t mean it in that way. Or at least we hope that he doesn’t. We’re glad that some guys have figured out that strong, independent women are the most attractive type out there.


7. Repulsive: “Constantly text other people while you’re hanging out.. See ya.”

We would agree that when guys are on their phones 24/7, it’s a turn-off, so we can see why guys would hate it when we do this. No one should ever act like their phone is more important than the person that they’re literally sitting across from in a bar or restaurant. What’s the point of dating if we’re just going to text the people that we’re not even hanging out with?!

Girls tend to have more of a reputation for being overtexters than guys (even though guys will absolutely text us if they like us). So it makes sense that guys would say that they find it pretty repulsive when we hang out with them but just can’t get off our phones. We get it. We really do. This is a really bad habit.


6. Attractive: “I like headbands, but for some reason I’d never actually admit it.”

A guy answered a question about what is attractive about women on Reddit, and this was his response. It’s adorable that he likes when women wear headbands because, well, headbands are adorable AF. But it’s also pretty hilarious that he doesn’t want to tell anyone that he likes this.

What’s the big deal? Is this really some great big secret? Would he be embarrassed if he told his friends that he loves girls who wear headbands? We’re pretty sure that they would agree that it’s cute when we embrace this hair accessory. Wouldn’t they?! Around the time of Gossip Girl, everyone got really into wearing headbands again and it was definitely a fashion trend. We don’t think that it’s anything to be ashamed of liking…


5. Repulsive: “Drawn on eyebrows. That disgusts me so much its not funny.”


Let’s talk about this for a second. Do a lot of girls really draw on their eyebrows? This doesn’t seem like something that a lot of people do. But it sounds like this guy, who talked about this on Reddit, is really grossed out by this, so he’s encountered this at least a few times.

We do agree that drawing on eyebrows can be kind of off-putting. It’s so much better to have full, natural eyebrows, especially since plucking them or getting them waxed (or, even worse, threaded) is super painful and annoying and time-consuming. But if some girls have super light blonde hair and therefore have super light blonde eyebrows, we get why they would want to do this. It seems a bit unfair that guys would dislike this so much.


4. Attractive: “Shoes. I have zero foot fetish, but a woman in really nice shoes/boots/heels is really sexy. It’s gotta really match the rest of her outfit, but set it off as well. Shows a good understanding of fashion and care for her style.”

Okay, so it’s hilarious that this guy starts off his Reddit confession by saying he doesn’t have a “foot fetish” since of course that’s what we’re going to think pretty much immediately when we read something like this. There’s just no way that our minds wouldn’t go there. The world of foot fetishes is a truly gross, weird place and we’re just not interested in thinking about that.

This guy got a ton of replies and everyone agreed that a woman who wears great shoes is hot. So there we go: it’s attractive when we care about the shoes that we’re wearing and put a lot of thought into it. This is probably something that we always thought, but now we know for sure. Of course, we’re always going to love shoes and it has nothing to do with what guys think.


3. Repulsive: “Entitlement. The world does not owe you everything just because you were born wealthy or good looking.”

Yeah, this is definitely a turn-off, but we’re not going to say that only we do this. Definitely not. Guys act super entitled, too. And there’s nothing that we hate more than going on a date with a guy who can’t stop talking about himself and how great he is. There would never be a second date in that kind of situation.

Meeting entitled girls obviously bugged this guy so much that he felt the need to talk about it on a Reddit forum. We would think that it goes without saying that conceited people are unattractive, but we do understand his total frustration. Sometimes you just need to vent, especially about dating and matters of the heart, and you feel much better about getting it off your chest.


2. Attractive: “Hoarse voices. If she has a cold and is trying really hard to say something but can’t, it’s pretty cute.”

Another response from Reddit. This one seriously warms our hearts and makes us really, really happy. Why? Because we all get horrible colds from time to time (especially now that winter is basically here) and we probably think that we look and sound terrible. We might not even want to be in the same room as our boyfriends, thinking that he’s going to find us truly gross and unattractive.

Now we know the truth: we look and sound cute when we’ve got a bad cold. It’s so awesome to hear this, we can’t even. It just goes to show that we really have nothing to worry about when it comes to dating and relationships. If a guy is into us, he’ll love everything about us, snotty noses and hoarse voices and all.


1. Repulsive: “Excessive public displays of affection. It’s like, please, you don’t need to make out with me while I’m in the middle of playing Smash Bros or grilling a burger or standing in line at the grocery store.”

Awww. Now this is one thing that is kind of disappointing to hear, right? While we don’t want to make out with our boyfriend in the grocery store, we do want to kiss him when he’s making dinner or playing a video game. Because we basically want to kiss him all the time. That’s kind of the best part of having a boyfriend.

After all, while PDA is one thing, making burgers on the grill or playing video games aren’t something that you do in public. So does this guy just hate displays of affection in general or what? It definitely seems like that. We’re just going to go ahead with our displays of affection because if we’re lucky enough to have an amazing guy in our lives, we totally want to show him how we feel. And that’s that.


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