You are reading the story of a little boy, with a pure little heart. A soul that is no longer with us and a soul that needs our prayers. You are reading the story of Ivan, the 7 year old who was murdered by his own parents. This story of Ivan may be fictional, but the moral and message behind this story is powerful and must be remembered as time flies by because it will be useful in saving the children who live the nightmare Ivan lived. So the story of Ivan begins here.

The Letter:


“Dear mom and dad, I’m terrified because I’m ugly, disgusting and stupid. I’m sorry because you cannot love me.

I never wanted to annoy you. All I wanted was to get a hug and hug from mom, and hear that you loved me once. Dad I just wanted you to play with me, hold my hand for a walk or sing for me.

I know I’m a shame for you. I will never be those things.’

This was the letter the Doctor found clenched in Ivan’s fist moments before his heart stopped beating and his life slipped away.

Who was he?


Ivan was a child who loved his parents immensely but at the same time he feared them too. You might think that his fear of his parents was normal, but little did anyone realize his fear of his parents had deeper roots than his love for them did.

A quiet child, well-liked by his classmates and teachers, but had no friends, sat alone inside because no one wanted to be friends with him, he had no one he could confide in. A child who at the tender age of 7 was rejected by children he tried to befriend on the accusation of being disgusting. On the account of what? Wearing worn out shoes and clothes?

One stormy night when Ivan was walking home alone he was pushed and brutally assaulted and left shivering in the cold, injured and in tears. Making his way home slowly he arrived only to be greeted by the assault of his mother. Pulling his hair and sending him to bed with no dinner, not caring once about the scratches that adorned the pale child’s face.

His condition worsened as his grades deteriorated and his father’s abuse at the news increased. His assault robbing him of the use of his index finger which in turn caused him to be the butt of much more ridicule by the children at his school.

The deeper end:

An activity day for the class to paint what they dreamed about was set and once again Ivan’s train of thought proved to be different from the rest. Instead of painting a car or fancy clothes like the rest of the children, the child painted a happy family, and cried while doing so. When it came to presenting it to the class, the other children laughed at him, laughed at the idea of him wanted a happy family, just laughed as the child stood in front of them with his heart on his sleeve.

The Child just stood there, begging, pleading, imploring to his class fellows to not laugh at his dream, a dream that meant more to him than anything. A dream he had but was deprived of.

The Final Straw:

Another day in hell for Ivan, turned into something more painful and sinister. It started with him getting a bad grade, walking slowly home, Ivan was reluctant to show his parents his grades, knowing they would be upset with him.

Little did he know either way the end he was going to receive was inevitable. Entering his House he was greeted with a beating from his mother, ending it with Ivan sliding across the floor hitting his leg against the table and getting hit on the head twice.

Laying there till his dad made an appearance Ivan begged his mother for mercy. Instead of protecting him like most mother’s do, his mother laid him in front of his dad who beat Ivan mercilessly. Losing consciousness, Ivan woke up distorted in the hospital the next day with his parents nowhere to be found.

Due to severe Chest pains, Ivan passed away two days later but not before waiting for his parents to visit him and tell him they loved him. The wait bore no fruit and Ivan wilted like the delicate flower he was.


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