There are many situations in life where you can be manipulated. Relationships are one of the instances in life where a person can be manipulated, whether we like to admit it or not. Those people who aren’t easily manipulated are fixed signs of the zodiac. For signs of the zodiac that are easily changeable, manipulation is inevitable.


Female Aries are usually aggressive so they don’t get caught up in manipulation. She is too busy with her own wants, needs and dreams, that she can’t be bothered by any manipulative partner. She also knows what she wants and will not let anything stop her from getting it. She is intense and pro-active.


Taurus females are stubborn, but that is not what stops her from being manipulated. She is a person who is stable and cannot be changed. Taurus women are not always the fastest, but their determination will get them to their destination eventually.


A Gemini female is most likely to be manipulated not because she lets you manipulate her, but because she is interested in the experience of being manipulated. She is most easy to manipulate because she can be flaky at times which will make her not even realize that she’s being manipulated.


Whether or not a Cancer female can be manipulated is totally dependent on her mood, and not that of her partners. Most of the time, she is the one doing the manipulation. This could be dangerous for her though because her feelings could get in the way, which will give her partner a chance to manipulate her.


A Leo women is aware of what is surrounding her at all times. She’s very observant which allows her to read signs and energies very easily. She has a lot of drive and passion and won’t be easily tied down if she doesn’t want to be.


Unlike her sister energy Gemini, Virgo females are conscious to what is going on around them. She plays the part very well and if she wants to be manipulated she will be.


Libra women are the best at balancing. They are manipulated only because the universe demands it. She is open to being manipulated as long as it keeps the world’s balance in order. She is very indecisive and that is what makes her vulnerable to manipulation.


Scorpio females are hard to break through emotionally. They almost never let anyone catch a glimpse of their heart. She builds up walls around herself to avoid future emotional disasters.


Sagittarius women don’t want people knowing that she is easy to manipulate, she wants to let the world know she isn’t fazed by emotions. She is ready to convince the world that she’s tough, and she is, but behind all of that, she is ready for a love that will push her to her full potential.


Capricorn females are infamous for giving off the cold shoulder. She also likes to build boundaries to prevent negative energies from getting by her. Saturn lets her know that manipulations would be a waste of her time and she can’t let anything get in the way of doing all that she needs to do in life.


An Aquarius women is all about finding a place she doesn’t fit into and making herself fit there. She is sure of what she wants in life in life and being manipulated is not part of her plan.


A Pisces female will openly admit that she’s easy to manipulate and she’s not afraid to admit her weaknesses because beneath them she knows are her strengths. You have to be patient with her. She is all about change, and manipulation is just another step in the process of transformation for her.


Signs that are easily changes are the ones who are easy to be manipulated. The four mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.


Fixed energies are signs that not easily manipulated. They know who they are and will not let anyone take advantage of them. The fixed signs are Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius.


Mercury is a planet that brings many fast-acting energies about. Mercury is flexible and changes quickly which can be confusing.


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