We are often times drawn to a person to an extent that we are ready to evolve the relationship into something more meaningful than casual friendship. However we may be afraid of scaring them away or appearing too desperate by coming clean about our feelings for them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we already knew what they look for in their potential partner romantically and work on those things to make ourselves stand out? At least a vague idea is still better than not knowing at all about their preferences. This is precisely what their zodiac will tell us about them and using that knowledge we can strengthen our relationship. Although love is blind but a little guideline to improving relations is always appreciated. Following are the ways you could keep him entranced by you based on their zodiac.

Aquarius guys are intrigued by mysterious people who do not open up easily. They are naturally charming and have a way of making others feel comfortable with them which draws people to them. However, if you keep your cool and appear distant and aloof will certainly catch their eye. There is required a fine balance between you being interested in them but also not revealing your deepest feelings to them all at once. Let them unravel your personality which will keep them hooked to you.

This sun sign is all about spontaneity and living in the moment and if you can’t handle that you better look for someone else. These guys don’t like to be controlled too much and for a relationship to thrive they need their space. Also it would be a good thing if you share their enthusiasm for travelling and always looking for an adventure at a moment’s notice.

Capricorn guys are particularly attracted to confidence and someone who could carry themselves with an air of authority about them. They want someone who has a charismatic personality in a traditional sense but wouldn’t mind going a little unconventional between the sheets. They also love being pampered and the best way to their heart is through their stomach. So if you are a good cook you will have him hooked.

Your Pisces man is not afraid to express his love for you and expect you to reciprocate that love. If you find it difficult to say what is in your heart will make him disinterested in you since they want to know how exactly do you feel about the relationship. It is all about reflecting on the relationship and making every effort to reassure him you are interested in him.

They want their relationship to be as direct and sincere as possible. When you are in a relationship with them you will know exactly where you stand with them. The only thing which may present itself as a problem is their domineering style as they always want to be in charge of the situation albeit in a genuine and loving manner.

It is not surprising to note that surviving a Taurus requires keeping things on a lighter scale and not taking their standoff behavior too literally. If you are sensitive like that a Taurus may inadvertently hurt your feelings. They like someone who is emotionally stable and not someone who will lose their cool if a relationship is moving at a snail’s pace. They take their time to ascertain whether the other person truly loves them or not which is often mistaken for disinterest.

They are all about mental stimulation as they are great conversationalists and want someone who will provide them that outlet. If you are not good at expressing your thoughts or engaging them in a thought provoking manner you may lose their interest. So a deep, meaningful communication is a pre requisite to a stronger relationship with a Gemini.

This sun sign is all about emotions and if you can cater to his emotional needs you can conquer his heart. Once you make them realize that you are willing to accept their sensitivities they will see you as their best support system. It just takes a lot of patience and love to truly understand them but once you do you will realize it was worth it since they are the most loving partners one could ask for.

Just be the most confident version of yourself and be assertive in the relationship. Although Leo guys do love to dominate but they don’t want someone who is a pushover. They are interested in an equally feisty romantic partner who knows how to make themselves heard.

Conservative and cautious to start a relationship, they will always be very self-critical. Hence loving them unconditionally and reassuring them with your emotional support will give them that much needed stability for a stronger relationship.

Libra are generally very committed to a relationship and they treasure honesty above everything else. If they sense that you are hinting at a casual fling they will not get interested. You need to let them realize that you want a significant, long-term relationship. They also like to get complimented about their aesthetic sense so be generous in letting them know about your opinion. Just don’t make it sound too artificial.

Scorpio men look for someone who has a definite idea of what they want in a relationship as they themselves will be bold about it. They don’t want a partner who is not forthcoming about their inner feelings. They may seem too controlling but it is actually their way of not losing you to someone else as they are intense in their love. Once you realize this fact you will see how much they cherish you.


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