Companionship is something we as human beings long for in varying degrees. Nowadays it is easier to achieve this connection with another individual what with the several dating apps at our disposal. However if you want to go on dating in an old school way instead of swiping on your smart phone you may increase your chances of running into someone by equipping yourself with your sun sign knowledge.


5. The gym across the street you conveniently overlook

Everyone going to the gym is already serious about their physique so you would most probably meet someone athletic. Now Capricorns are truly goal oriented individuals who never settle for anything less than perfection. So you would appreciate others who are trying their best and challenging themselves. You like to leave your comfort zone and anybody sharing that habit draws you to them.

For Gemini people gym is too regimented and asks for a lot of discipline which they are not up for. It makes you feel too tied down and do not conform to your restless energy. However you will find it as a great hangout for socializing and making meaningful relationship. So others may go gym to pump some iron while you will try to bump into someone you find cute.

Taurus people are generally not very open to the idea of putting themselves under any duress of physical activity and prefer to stay comfortably at home.

They however are determined as well and if they do make up their mind to pursue their potential love to the gym they will find it there.


4. Intelligence is sexy and what better place than library to find one

Sagittarius people are already known for showing off their knowledge on different subjects so naturally they will seek someone who shares this passion. You are attracted to those who have this insatiable desire to learn since it broadens the horizons of one to new things. You always are up for spontaneity and newer experiences and anyone who is intellectually well versed will be able to fulfill those cravings. So you should head to your college library if you want to be amazed by an intellectual eye candy.

Libra are great conversationalists and this ability is enhanced by their love for books. You are never out of something to say because you have such a comprehensive command over the topics you discuss. To make it worthwhile you want someone who could reciprocate your level of knowledge on things. Interesting conversations and good looks are one way to indulge you and there are plenty of people at library who might just fit the bill perfectly.


3. The local dog park because you adore pets

You are as much a dog person as you love cats and going to local park with your pet may present you with a potential night out with a fellow pet owner. Cancer has compassion and emotional stability and really wants someone who share these traits with their pets as well. It will not be difficult for you to make your way to the local park and find that someone who really shares your enthusiasm.

Scorpio people also love to discuss their pets and going to the park will present countless opportunities to talk to different people and possibly find someone attractive enough to land a date. You have a higher chance of meeting someone likeminded and hitting it off instantly with them.


2. Finding romance on your vacations

Aquarius love to travel and see new places. You are always about experiencing new things and the best way is to travel to new places. This is also the best possible way for you to meet someone interesting and have an opportunity to enjoy your time together. Since you are afraid of commitment vacations is a perfect escape of finding that casual fling with no strings attached.

Aries are naturally in love with outdoors and determined in their approach of finding that adrenaline pumping adventure. You would be thrilled if someone else shared your passion in similar manner. Maybe you both share more than your mutual thrill seeking behavior and find out you are a perfect fit for each other.


1. Meeting someone at a dance party

Leo are always looking for opportunities to unwind and enjoy to their fullest. You are about seizing the moment and forgetting about your worries completely. You have this sunny disposition towards everything and anything and if someone enhances that feeling will attract you even more.

Pisces people are usually shy and stay away from such social events. However you will be amazed how many people like you are there at the event making connections and just enjoying themselves. It will not only be an exercise in developing some interpersonal skills but you will realize that shyness is also deemed cute by many people.

Although Virgo love to have a more private meeting with someone they have feelings for but what is more intriguing for them is unraveling interesting people. The party is full of interesting individuals. Also being a party animal you will enjoy yourself and find that you are in your element once you hit the dance floor.

This confidence and happy go lucky attitude will endear you to everyone you meet and it will not be a surprise if you are seen as life of the party.


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