We all know that as soon as President Trump acquired his space in the White House, he had announced that he would just take $1 as Presidential salary. Now can you imagine, out of $400,000 annual official wage, Trump would only take $1/year? But this news didn’t raise any brows because everyone knows that Trump could survive for at least 50 years without earning anything and that too very lavishly, thanks to his Trump empire!

However, when a child from Crossville in East Tennessee learned about President Trump’s generosity from his parents, it got him worried, and he decided to help him. The 9-year-old boy named Eli’sha Davies then wrote an adorable letter to American President along with $3 in an envelope in it.

What happened next?

Have a look!


In January 2017, Eli’sha Davies sent a letter to President Trump

But it wasn’t merely a letter, but an envelope inside the letter had $3 as Eli’sha learned from his parents that Donald Trump would only take $1 as his salary.


In a Brief Interview the Kid Says

“I thought how is he going to eat or drink or you know pay, if he needs to pay his water bill or anything,” reports WBIR.


Here are Those 3 Dollars

$3 may look like a nominal amount to most people, but it was quite a lot of money for Eli’sha. He was saving it to buy a musical instrument, Mandolin.


Eli’sha first took permission from his mother, Melissa, and she wasn’t surprised at all:

“My first impression was like, ‘You’re going to give your money away?’ Because he’s been trying to save it up for a mandolin but at the same time, I was like, I don’t want to discourage his generosity, and I think it’s sweet,” says Melissa.


The letter along with $3 was mailed to President, and family had long forgotten about it

However, nine months later, Eli’sha was surprised when someone knocked on the door with an envelope with his name on it. It was a reply from President Trump which contained Trump’s picture along with Vice-President Mike Pence and also the donated “$3.”


In his reply, Trump said to Eli’sha:

“Think of ways to make a difference in this community using the money and also to ‘think big and dream even bigger!'”

In his interview, Eli’sha says, “He sent it back, so I guess he didn’t need it, after all, I think I’m going to save it,” he added.


Whereas Eli’sha’s mother Melissa says:

“It was effortless, to the point, but at the same time, just coming from the president makes it, I don’t know, just wonderful,” Melissa said.


Eli’sha’s mother adds further:

“Elisha has a big heart. He’s very conscientious and empathetic. I just hope that never changes,” she added.


Apparently, there’s no better feeling in the world than to receive a reply from your President

But the big surprise was yet to come for Eli’sha.


Eli’sha’s story was broadcasted, and it became popular

That’s when it caught the attention of John Wildeman in Punta Gorda, Florida. He is the president of Young Musicians Education Foundation Inc. The charity bought him a Mandolin, so he could practice and work on his art.


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