Men are nothing short of absolutely fascinating creatures. They oscillate between being undeniably adorable and sweet to being frustratingly hard to deal with. Their thoughtful and caring side can make it hard for you to not fall for them but the other side makes you constantly question the validity of your feelings. There is no denying the fact that men and women are vastly different. This difference in personalities often leads to a difference in expectations. The ladies are often seen to want things that men might not be able to give.

This means that many guys do things that women not only hate but also fail to understand. Between their obsession with automobiles and their unapologetically misogynistic attitudes, there are thing that men do that make women want to run away and never come back.

Here are 10 things that men do that the ladies secretly hate.

All women have heard the famous, “come on” and “don’t be a bore” that often come accompanied with a vast assortments of requests, often relating to the bedroom. While feeling sexually fulfilled in a relationship is undoubtedly important, it is essential to remember that different people have different boundaries. Making your significant other feel inadequate just because they have different limitations than you is a low blow. Stop making others feel uptight just because they don’t give in to your every whim.

Such a typical way to assert dominance, no? Why would anyone bother starting a conversation that they didn’t plan taking an active part in? If you don’t have time to talk, simply don’t text rather than leave someone hanging like this. If you keep making a habit out of this, people are eventually going to get tired of your immature mind games. Learn to be respectful of both your time and hers, especially since you’re the one that initiated the conversation in the first place.

What is the connection between being a guy and being an unapologetic slob? We mean, who would ever eat in their bed and then forget to clean up later, let alone change their sheets. Moreover, why would anyone ever find it okay to re-wear socks or wear the same pair of underwear for an extended period of time. Let’s face it, if men have the time to dip themselves in cologne every morning (you’re overdoing that too btw), they have the time to be a little more presentable and a little less sloppy.

Ah, this offense is nothing short of a cult classic. So many innocent women have fallen victim to going into the bathroom in the middle of the night, not knowing that the seat has been carelessly left up, and falling straight into the toilet. We mean, what exactly is so difficult in putting the toilet seat down? It literally takes a minute and would save the hours you spend squabbling over it later. Seems like a no-brainer to us!

This is the mother of all double standards. We mean, why is it okay for men to spend time with their friends but not okay for women to want a girl’s night out. Not only that, but men complain if you go out with your friends, but call you clingy if you as much as hint at wanting more time with them. It’s anything but fair that we have to constantly play these games and be available, but not too available as well. Really takes the love and respect out of a relationship.

It isn’t really our fault that we have been left to deal with this monthly curse. We mean, how you would like to be incapacitated for five days, with blood flowing out of you, all while you try to put on a brave face and go about your daily routine. It is not like we asked for this just to ruin your lives. How is it fair to be mad at us for something that is, in fact, affecting us more? But screw logic, right?

Your oversized hoodies that reach down to our thighs are really comfy, okay? Not to mention how great your dress shirts look on us when paired with the right blazer. Oh, and about that blazer, we bet we can pull a great outfit out of your closet. Why would you want us to buy something when we can just borrow yours? As long as we return most of the things, let it go. They’re just clothes after all. Also, can you even see how cute we look strutting around in your clothes?!

Ladies appreciate being wined and dined and taken good care of. It makes them feel special. So if you are making all the effort of treating us right, go the extra mile and seal the deal. For starters, dress the sports jersey and wear a decent button down.

That out of the way, there are very few things less attractive than someone who tips poorly. Not only does it piss the server off, (hello, he can spit in our food?!) but it also makes you look cheap. If you can’t afford to tip properly, that means we shouldn’t be eating here in the first place. Man up and pay the tip or think of something else.

The moment this sentence comes out of your mouth, any reasonable woman will start hating on you because the chances are that whatever fills that ominous blank is going to be misogynistic as hell. Why would any man ever think that bringing an entire gender down is the way to go when it comes to complimenting women?

The fact that you’re calling someone, who you willingly went out with for an extended period of time, crazy, raises red flags for no one but you. If you call someone you willingly went into a relationship with crazy, chances are you have, or will at some point, refer to all women as crazy. This significantly lowers any chance you had with us. Sorry, but we don’t deal with women haters.

We get it; no one is perfect. However, that doesn’t mean we all get free passes on wearing stained t-shirts and weirdly patterned ties that could never ever go with any suit imaginable. Also no, there is no such thing as an ironic sense of style. Even if there is, no one gets it but you. So please put on a clean shirt, jeans that fit you and steer clear of a tie if you think that a purple tie with a vomit colored pattern could ever be the way to go. We don’t need you to look like a runway model, but looking presentable is the least you can do. Sounds manageable, right?


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