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Tinder- the hot dating app that has had more downloads than Pokemon Go. It is all the rage these days and a great way to meet new people who are single. Or pretending to be single. Or wanting to be single soon. Well, you get the idea.

Whatever your or their reasons for using Tinder, it goes without saying that in this fast paced world even dating has become laced with technology. And you may get left behind if you still want to play it the traditional way.

Well, if that next door neighbor can meet his date on Tinder, why cant you? That said, there are ways to go about getting the girl of your dreams on Tinder. And when you do spot her, you of course want her to swipe right. And when she doesn’t, you might be left wondering why. Here are some ways you can make her swipe right. You can thank us later! For now, read on and up your game!

9. Dress up well for that Tinder picture

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There are more than 1.4 billion swipes on Tinder — each day. Of course, all those swipes also lead to a lot of matches — 26 million worldwide per day. Wondering how many matches have been made to date? Eleven billion!

And your picture would be the first impression she gets about you. So make sure you dress to impress. Do not post a picture looking homeless. Or in your pajamas, even if you actually do stay in them all day. Or shorts. She can look at your legs later…after she agrees to be your date. Preferably, post a picture in a well-cut suit. A tux would be better if you have your heart set on a classy, traditional girl.

8. Your pet can help you

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But not if it’s a python. Or a tiger. Or rats. And no, a hamster would be cute bit too cute for a grown up guy. But owning a pet can make a man seem likeable and responsible, and women will fall in love with you if you have an adorable pet. Take pictures of you and your cute puppies, kittens, or horses, to attract right swipes from women on Tinder who like the same pets. And notice the sort of pets we mentioned. No pythons! You can tell her later that you own one, if you do. If she does love pet snakes, bonus points!

7. Baby pics

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Like seriously? You post a pic of a baby and expect a girl to swipe right. This isn’t Tinder For Babysitters. Now that we come to think of it, there very well could be one. But that’s for later. For now, remove that baby pic and put one of yours. She would not care if you point out in your bio that the cute kid on your picture is in fact, your nephew. Or this was you 20 years back. What are you now that you cant post a current pic? She probably haven’t got as far as reading your bio and has already swiped left.

6. Put your hobbies in your bio

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Give as much info as you can. If she is reading your bio, she has already likes the picture and now wants to know more about you. So make the most of it. Make your bio to the point and succinct. No girl wants to read a long profile with a guy blabbering on about himself. Avoid lengthy narratives (and be sure to steer clear of TMI, a definite interest killer) and you’ll come off as more mysterious. “Write about your passion for sled dogs or boating in the Atlantic, which will give her easy things to ask about later,” says Mona Jain, a Richmond, VA, dating consultant.

5. No threatening

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Whyyy do guys do that? Like do you thing girls would be intimidated into talking to you. This is definitely a nope. For example, “Don’t bother liking if you’re not going to talk” … well, hold on dear. Maybe you were a pity swipe, maybe you were a drunk swipe, maybe the wink after “Hey girl ;)” freaked the girl out but she definitely wouldn’t want to meet you up. Nobody wants to conjure up images of themselves lying dead in an alley and that is exactly what a threatening bio conveys. Or just that you are a pompous ass.

4. Images of your ex

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If you are still not over her, then why are you on Tinder? To drown your tears into another girl’s cocktail? Or you just need a temporary shoulder to cry on? A woman’s shoulder? Whatever the reason, nobody wants to see you with your ex in your pictures when they are looking to date you. So keep her off your profile for a bit.

3. Take your glasses off

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Yes, that’s right. Post a picture without your glasses. This sounds a bit weird, but Tinder’s research found it decreases the right swipes. “Assessing someone’s face goes far beyond physical attractiveness; it allows for a user to determine whether someone is kind, compassionate, or trustworthy,” says Dr. Jess. “An individual’s eyes are particularly critical for determining their trustworthiness. By wearing hats or glasses/sunglasses, a person may be obstructing their eyes and, therefore, not allowing a prospective match to evaluate their trustworthiness.” Well, who are we to argue!

2. Use ‘Smart Photos’

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No, no, we don’t mean put your glasses back on. If your ae unsure which photo you should use as your main picture, Tinder can help you decide. Tinder has a feature called ‘Smart Photos’. It alternates the photo first seen by users and keeps track of each response as people swipe on you. Then, it reorders your photos, featuring your best (i.e., most popular) ones first. When it was tested, users saw up to a 12 percent increase in matches.

1. Make an effort to meet soon

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And when you do get right swiped, meet up with her quickly. “If you wait too long, you risk idealization—she’ll have created a fantasy of who you are, and the real person will be a letdown,” says Erin Sumner, Ph.D., an assistant professor of human communications at Trinity College. Her research finds that 17 days from the first message is ideal, so get the girl to the restaurant before she chats up other dudes, and the rest should be smooth sailing.

So, there you go, revamp your Tinder profile and see those right-swipes rolling in!


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