Women tend to restrain the situation in the hope of a change for the better. The desire to maintain a relationship often leads to the fact that we are spending our entire life in unsuccessful relations. There are situations when you need to act quickly and decisively.

You should quickly put an end to such relationship. But how to understand that the moment of parting has already come? To dare to a difficult decision to complete the novel will help you a detailed analysis of the situation.

Very often we in the heat of quarrel make hasty decisions and part with those who are dear to us. Today we will talk about how not to make such a mistake and vice versa, how to discern unhappy relationships. Read these 9 signs and you’ll be able to determine if it’s needed to end this relationship.

# 1 You are not happy with this person:

It seems to us that this is the most obvious and alarming sign that your happiness has come to an end. Relationships, of course, can sometimes bring sadness, but you should not feel the feeling of grief and depression all the time.

# 2 You can not relax next to your partner:


If you often come across the fact that differently perceive certain things, then it is worthwhile to think about the quality of your relationship. For example, when you are having fun and dancing with your friends, then instead of approving, you hear from your partner only reproaches. Harmonious relations are built on common interests and beliefs.

# 3 The partner controls you in everything:

Trust is one of the most important components of any relationship, and when you lose it, it means it’s time to end the relationship. Signs that the problem of your relationship in this, the following: you arrange interrogations to your partner, you doubt his words, actions.

# 4 Your partner isolates you from society:

If your other half insists that you should only communicate with him, think about your relationship. Is it worth continuing them to be completely isolated from the outside world?

# 5 Unreasonable Jealousy:

Jealousy can be different, and its manifestations directly depend on individual psychological qualities of a person. Some are jealous, only when they receive irrefutable evidence of the betrayal of a partner, and others, in order to become jealous, have the most insignificant reason.

# 6 Partner constantly depreciates your achievements:

First of all, this indicates lack of respect. If mutual respect has disappeared from the relationship, and this is noticeable not only to you, but to others as well, it is probably time to dissolve such an alliance. If the partner does not consider your opinion at all, disrespectfully talking to you or, even more so, humiliating and insulting you, you should think about whether you are dear to him, because he does not behave with his beloved ones.

# 7 You can not think of a common future:

We all make plans for the future, and even if they go as far as, for example, in the next few weeks or months, your second half should always be considered as part of them, even if the plans do not directly concern it. If you do not see a partner in your future plans, this is a sign that it’s time to end the relationship, because it is no longer a part of what is dear to you.

# 8 You are always to blame for the conflicts:

To begin with, both partners are usually to blame for the conflict. If your partner always makes you guilty, then he is just a manipulator and you should consider whether to build a future with such a person.

# 9 Outbreaks of uncontrolled aggression:

If your chosen one has allowed himself to lay a finger on you, then the question arises, can you then call him a man? In addition, if such an incident was once, it is not a fact that it will not happen again. Be careful and think about how far a man can go in his next fit of anger.

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