Now we all know how things go between a man and a woman. Men usually like relaxing and watching their game after a long tiring day of work. He wants to spend his relaxing time the way he wants to instead of catering anyone else. Women do the same but in different ways, its human nature. There are times when a man is not approachable, and that is when you should keep away from him.

But if you start implying these tricks in your life, you will become more wanted than him wanting and needing to relax in a different way. There are ways you can make him feel good about himself and have him in a state of trance. There will be no time that he wants to dedicate anywhere else because you are making him feel way more relaxed than his game on the television.

Just like women like to be touched in particular places, same goes for guys. No, they don’t just want to stick to you and want to be over with it. You are not enough just to turn them on, you need to start making some efforts also. There are some visible symbols of manhood that men like getting stroked or given attention to. The want to get an ego boost about how you see details of their body and like them. It is not just one thing you want from them. Women are desired generally but men are always at the rejection end, and as humans even they like to be adored in different manners.

Here are some places that men want attention towards, but make sure you keep in mind that every man has preferences. So it is not written in stone that all of the following can be applied to everyone. A few things in the list can end up not being someone’s cup of tea.


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We don’t understand at times how difficult it is for a man to shave every day and have hard skin. Just like there are times when we feel like they don’t understand what it’s like to get waxed.

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So at the end of the day after playing sports of facing a hard weather – the touch of a women is all you want.

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Someone with gentle hands caressing your face, rubbing the temples and kissing on the jaw is all a man would want.

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And how can we forget the hair on their head! Yes, just like women want men to play with their hair – men like it too. Every man has different kind of hair, but it is their unique thing. Not everyone has the same kind of hair and hairstyles. If you grab a man from the back of his neck while kissing him, or just simply play with his hair – he will love it.


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Simply wrapping your arms around his neck, caressing his back while you have your body lean on his. Make sure in all of this, you make eye contact- that is essential for developing a bond with your partner.

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It is not about just being physical at the end of the day. Place his hands on your waist and just focus on his neck area.

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The second play would be their neck. Just like women like their neck kissed and licked – same goes for men. It is an erogenous zone for them also, so don’t shy down and kiss them all over. Stroking your fingers gently on their neck will also do the trick.

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Tongue is an erogenous zone and stroking it always gets anyone turned on – isn’t that the purpose of kissing? Exactly, so just play with his tongue or even nibble and bite on it gently.

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If he is open to the idea, tell him to stick his tongue out a little and then stimulate in gentle ways.

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No one feels a kiss if their tongue is not a part of it. We under-estimate the power of the tongue, metaphorically and physically.

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When you are being intimate with your partner, you cannot simply neglect their ears. We all know how it feels when someone touches our ears while playing with our hair and neck region.

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In this region ears are another erogenous zone. So when you do other things, placing your hands to play with his ears is something he will find it more enhancing. It might seem like an area that is very small and we miss to give it attention. But it will drive your man crazy.

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Again, ear is another place that is erogenous so go ahead and nibble on it all you want. Kissing it, running your fingers near his ear or playing with it will do the trick.

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Yes, you read that right. There are millions of nerve endings at the nipple. Women might find more pleasure there for obvious reasons but some men find it hot also.

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So don’t just dive into this one, run a test drive first and make sure you don’t freak your partner out. It depends on how open your guy is towards you trying new things.

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You need to understand that there are some ‘hot spots’ which absolutely loaded with nerve endings. Nerve endings make you feel pleasure instantly if stimulated correctly.

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Keeping in mind that you are not the only one with nipples, and their nipples were not made to be utterly useless.

Sacrum and Lower back

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It is like a response to you touching this area – every time you guys are having sex, you hold his back or sacrum. Yup! That’s the key, every time you touch this area of his, he will be reminded of that.

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There are so many times that we feel our spine tingle. We can feel this sensation when we get scared or when we feel intense pleasure.

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So you can’t ignore it while making love to your partner. This will instantly relax your partner and turn him on at the same time. Make an extra effort and kiss it if you can.

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Now ladies, you have to be careful with this one. Not every man is up to you jumping right into his vulnerable areas.

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So ask him before you start to play with his perineum. This is the place between is balls and his ass. So just using your fingers and knuckles to gently stroke this area would make him feel wonderful.

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Just like some women are not open to a rim job, some men are not comfortable to let someone touch their perineum. But you can have an open discussion about how he should try it before he makes his mind up.

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Some people are reserved to try new things and later realize how amazing that makes them feel. It’s all about the walls coming down between two people and increase intimacy.

The F Spot

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Just like girls have their G spot, men have their F spot. It is right below the tip of their penis. This place is extremely sensitive so you have to be very gentle with it.

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Make sure you don’t make him over-sensitive or have a heavy hand while playing with it.

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When you are going down on your man, make sure you are gently slipping your tongue on the head area. It’s all about the movement and don’t be too hard on it.

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