From the outrageous attire to uh, a woman gluing her own butt to a toilet – shopping at Walmart has become an experience in itself. But what’s more American than going to Walmart and basking in the bizarreness of what is the human race:

1. Just what Walmart Needs: High School Band Members


2. I’m sure Walmart is the safest place to walk barefoot, yes.


3. I can’t even see them


4. What a handsome cart


5. He was just testing out the couches. They’re comfortable.


6. Even a cowboy needs his avocados


7. Reasons A-Z why white people shouldn’t grow dreads.


8. Let’s just hope they spilled a chocolate shake


9. A great car to pick up chicks in


10. Always working on those glutes.


11. Juggalos: God’s chosen people


12. If they get separated, they can ask “have you seen somebody dressed just like me? You know, stupid?”


13. How do they get through the door?


14. When you gotta run but your pedicure is looking fresh


15. Man’s best friend: turtle


16. Nothing more patriotic than a day at Walmart


16. Nothing more patriotic than a day at Walmart


18. Walmart Problems


19. Walmart Swag


20. Only At Walmart: A Very Proud Mother


21. Classy September 11th Drapes


22. Take Your Alligator To Walmart


23. Dressing Up For Walmart


24. Kids Ferst


25. Baby Retail


26. Only At Walmart: This Bumper Sticker


27. Someone Isn’t Getting Pizza Bagels Today


28. Perfect Walmart attire

29. Yo, this is your boy Jergnome


30. Only At Walmart: Ridiculous Savings


31. He Brought Sexy Back


32. It Was Supposed To Say “Congratulations, You Did It!”


33. So Close


34. If you’re not gonna shave it, at least braid it.


35. Walmart Meth


36. Support In All The Right Places


37. Walmart Shoppers: Not The Brightest


38. Raccoon Mobile


39. That Patriotic Hair


40. Redneck Ingenuity At Walmart


41. Spongebob Stretched-Out Pants


42. Nice Thong Bro


43. Classy Underwear Selection


44. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Googly Eyes


45. Authentic Trunk


46. Great Soda Display


47. The Only Good Part About Shopping At Walmart


48. A Typical Walmart Family


49. Nap Time


50. They Don’t Seem To Understand The Concept Of 24/7

Thank you People Of Walmart for documenting these beautiful moments at America’s biggest retailer. Enjoy these hilarious photos that could happen only at Walmart? Then check out Trending Dirt‘s other posts about FashionTattoos and other funny stuff!

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