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40+ Stunning Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair


Many cultures see long hair as a symbol of wealth, power, or devotion. In modern society it’s more of a personal beauty preference. Whatever it means to you, lady’s with long hair are in luck! Brides-to-be have endless wedding hairstyles for long hair, and we’re very excited to show you this list of our favorites.

Very Classy Wedding Chignons

Brides striving for voluminous wedding hairstyles will love the appeal of chignons.
These full-figured up-do styles bring texture and elegance to the bride with long hair. This style can be immaculately neat, but modern brides are trending towards a little bit loose. Both cases combine natural parts, not overly-done braids, and looks absolutely stunning with a brooch that follows the bun.

You should also consider your dress as well as you reception location when deciding on the hairstyle. Wedding updos for long hair are good for outdoor receptions as they will minimize hair maintenance throughout the wedding day. Side braids hairstyle would look particularly stunning with an one shoulder wedding dress.

Loosen up you chignon by going for a bun with side-swept bangs for a totally romantic ‘do. The side-swept bun is even prettier when it’s paired with an oversized flower. If you want to transform your chignon from something very formal and into a boho-chic updo, create a braided headband across the hairline get your bridesmaids to style their hair in a similar way.

Expert tips for a stylish bridal chignon:

  • Adding sparkling headbands or jewels to your chignons is sure to up the bling factor.
  • For a totally romantic ‘do, incorporate a loose bun with side-swept bangs
  • Oversized silk flower can be used to add a whimsical touch to your wedding hairstyle


On Trend Waterfall Braids For Long Hair

Lusciously long hair lets you get very creative. While some hair lengths are limited, your long hair affords you the most gorgeous waterfall braids. Creative weaves paired with curls are absolutely stunning and completely on-trend for both traditional and modern wedding themes. A good waterfall braid is intricate, well planned in advance, and may take hours to pull together. But, it’s so worth it!

Waterfall braided hairstyles are rocking wedding hair trends these days. They are also perfect hairstyles for your bridesmaids. If you plan on DIYing this hairstyle, make sure to practice with your MOH and read our expert tips below.

Expert tips for a perfect waterfall braided hairstyle:

  • Brush your hair well as knots and tangles make it more difficult for the person braiding your hair.
  • Don’t wash on the wedding day as day old hair with a little grit is good for braids to hold-up better.


Timeless & Popular Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

Half-up half-down wedding hairstyles will work with any wedding gown. Long hair can be transformed into any length with this style option. Use this style with braids, buns, pins, and knots. The combinations are endless, and your wedding hairstylist will love the ability to get super creative!

If you are not able to decide between a fancy updo or loose curls, a half-up hairstyle offers the best of both. You get the look of beautiful curls that are low maintenance and will be photo ready entire day, and the updo volume for the extra glam factor.

Expert tips for a perfect half up half down hairstyle:

  • Medium to fine hair is best for this hairstyle. With heavy hair you might have a hard time keeping your barrel curls in place.
  • For a modern ‘twist’, anchor the teased section with tightly-wrapped strands.
  • Long locks look great with side-swept details and a boho-chic accessory.
  • For a layered cut, concentrate volume on the sides and leave out a few face-framing tendrils.


Trendy Fishtails & Braids Hairstyles

Fishtail braids are the perfect choice for many wedding themes. Boho brides will appreciate how stunning their flower crown looks sitting on top of loose fishtail braids. Classic brides will love how well their lace gown pops against the tight-braid version of the fishtail. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Fishtail braids is the new “it” bridal braid hairstyle. The braids are beautifully intricate and styled while looking natural and never, ever overdone. A fishtail or a simple side braid can also be adorned with floral crowns or a headpiece.

Expert tips for a perfect bridal braids:

  • Braids are beautiful additions to a more classic, pinned-up hairstyle.
  • Start your braid further back for a less dramatic but still very pretty style.
  • Incorporate a smaller braid on whichever side you’ll be facing guests during the ceremony.
  • A few smaller braids add visual interest to any soft side-swept updo.


Totally Obsessed With Flower Crowns

Long hair pairs perfectly with flowers. Whether it’s a classy antique flower comb, a magical floral pin, or the never-get’s-old bohemian flower crown, long hair wears it well. Try different looks like a single large-flower accessory, or flowers that run throughout the style. The crown and flower look has extra impact with outdoor weddings like rural or beach venues.

We are simply obsessed with flower crowns. If you want to wear flowers in your hair then why not pair them with a beautiful bridal braid. Both the floral crown and the braid can as dainty or elaborate as you like. This combination is perfect for a whimsical wedding and is lots of fun to match with your bridesmaids.


Soft Waves & Beautiful Curls Bridal Hairstyles

Not-a-single-hair-out-of-place plays a major role with traditional ceremonies, but soft waves and curls can add some serious tenderness to more casual themes. Romantic and modern brides are loving the versatility of waves and curls. Although this soft and loose look works perfectly with any gown style, trendsetters seem to prefer matching this with trumpet and mermaid gowns. If you have a jaw-dropping set of vintage of earrings to flaunt, wearing this look straight back or to the side will show them off extravagantly.

Be creative, and combine a few different hairstyles for a look that is definitely you. Braids for example, pair very well with soft curls for a more relaxed look that is perfect for a rustic or boho themed wedding.

If you don’t have the hair length for one of these hairstyles, it doesn’t mean its all lost. Using hair extensions is hugely popular among brides to create the dream look you desire. If you just need a little more length read out tips for growing beautiful wedding day hair.


Wedding Hairstyles With Extensions

Best of all, long hair gets along with an endless supply of accessories. Rhinestones, beads, pearls, flowers, and feathers all sit very naturally atop long strands and braids. With long flowing hair, your best bets are simple tiaras and crowns or large single pins. Brides sporting a bun or half-up look may prefer antique combs or nature-inspired headbands. Make sure to bring plenty of ideas to your hairstylist and keep an open mind. Come prepared with your dress design, your venue theme and you’ll find the perfect match! Stay wealthy, stay powerful, and stay devoted.


Braided Wedding Hairstyles For Free-Spirited Brides

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

It seems that after you have selected your wedding dress and your venue, the rest of wedding planning should be a piece of cake. However, choosing a picture perfect wedding hairstyle is not something you want to leave to the last moment. Long hair is not always easy to deal with, so you want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to explore different hairdo options and try them out with your hairstylist. We really hope you fell in love with one of these gorgeous bridal hairstyles.

These are 40+ Stunning Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair. We hope you liked these Inspiring ideas. Keep visiting Trending Dirt for more useful ideas and tips.

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