Everybody’s getting ready for the spring wedding season, and today I’d like to continue the topic with this roundup dedicated to the spring wedding makeup looks.

Spring is a perfect season for getting married outside: it’s not cold already and it’s not too hot yet, so the good thing is that you needn’t any special tricks to look amazing, no cold wind or rain will spoil your hair or makeup. But the first thing you need is to keep sure that your skin doesn’t look dull after winter and that you have a fresh complexion. If your skin is a bit dull after winter, eat smart, add vitamins and exfoliate with an exfoliator that fits your skin type.

What you need is a healthy skin glow, which is so amazing for spring. How to achieve it? physical activities, vitamin C, fiber-rich diets, enough sleep and skin hydration will make your skin glow naturally, so prepare for your wedding beforehand – these things won’t give results in a day or two. Of course, you can use a highlighter to make your skin glow faster if you don’t have time.

As for the makeup itself, there are two ways to go: a bold lip and a nude lip. Bold lips are traditional for fall and winter nuptials because they make your look stand out and look cool in the pale hues. For spring neutral makeup and natural looks are more preferable, all you need is to highlight your natural beauty a bit and look fresh and glowy.

Nude Lips

Glowy skin, subtle smokey eyes and a nude lip is all you need to look flawless! Highlight your features, add a light shine or some gloss to your lip and you’ll look awesome! If you don’t want smokeys, you can try eyeliner and a shiny lip. Take care of your eyebrows, they will help to make your look perfect.


Glowy Skin, Long Eyelashes and A Nude Lip


Chic Makeup With A Nude Lip and Statement Eyebrows


Silver Smokey Eye and A Nude Lip


Flawless Skin, Smokey Eyes and A Nude Lip


Glowy Skin, A Nude Lip and Ombre Hair


Soft Romantic Bridal Makeup Is Right What You Need


Soft Neutral Makeup With A Nude Lip and Natural Hair


A Natural Look with A Glossy Nude Lip


Perfect Makeup For Asian Skin with Smokeys and A Shiny Nude Lip


Soft Pastel Makeup with A Nude Lip


Natural Makeup with A Shiny Nude Lip


Perfectly Polished Natural Makeup


Perfect Natural Makeup and A Nude Lip


Flawless Natural Makeup with Light Grey Smokeys and A Nude Lip


Long Eyelshes and A Nude Lip Is All You Need To Seduce


Smokeys and A Nude Lip Look Cool


Romantic Neutral Makeup with A Nude Shiny Lip


Nude Makeup

One more nude lip makeup that is very popular for spring is a nude makeup look. This is when you avoid using too much makeup and make just a couple of touches to look perfect. Spring is all about blooms and you’ll bloom yourself with such a look! The main thing here is to be well-groomed because such a natural makeup will highlight all the problems that you have, so do a facial or even a course of facials to get ready for this. Your eyebrows should be well-groomed, this is one of the main features that shows if you are well-groomed or not.


All-natural Look in Peachy Tones


Nude Makeup Look with A Shiny Lip


Fresh and Dewy Bridal Makeup with A Glossy Lip


Nude Makeup with Wll-Groomed Eyebrows


All-Natural Bridal Makeup


Fresh Face with A Wingtip Eyeliner


Nude Makeup Looks Fresh and Gorgeous in The Spring


Fresh Nude Makeup Looks Perfect with A Flower Crown


Bold Lips

Bold lips aren’t so frequent for spring but if you want a pop of color, go ahead! Pink shades are amazing for spring, choose your shade and add a touch of gloss. A classic red lip is actual all year round and looks timeless, so you can make a statement with it. don’t forget that bold lips can highlight all the small imperfections on your face, so keep sure that it’s perfectly ready.

A Bold Pink Lip Looks Chic and Cheerful


Smokey Eyes and A Candy Pink Lip


Shiny Pink Lips Can Make A Statement


Shiny Pink Lips of A Soft Shade


A Classic Red Lip is Always Actual

Hope you liked these Spring Wedding Makeup Ideas. We’re updating our website with many ideas on daily basis. Don’t forget to comment your favourite ideas below in comment box.

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