When it comes to Relationship Goals, a lot of people think about unattainable grand gestures and things that don’t seem realistic. You see photos on Instagram of girls coming home to thousands of red roses, or a surprise vacation around the world, but to us — that isn’t our definition of what it means to be in a relationship that truly inspires us. So, here are 33 relationship goals that we hope to experience one day when we find someone who loves us the way we have always dreamed of being loved.


29. 1. Teaching him how to paint your nails so you don’t have to leave bed to get a pedicure. Mainly just never leaving bed for anything.

28. 2. Showering together so you can wash all your favorite parts of each other.

27. 3. Spending an entire road trip cramped in the back of someone’s car, and not caring because you get to be together.

26. 4. Wearing complimentary outfits. Collecting clothes and decor with your nickname. Having your nickname for each other be ‘King’ and ‘Queen.’

25. 5. Working out together, just so you can kiss in cute positions.

24. 6. Being so in love you don’t want to stop hugging them even when they’re brushing their teeth.

23. 7. Surprising and spoiling each other by filling an entire room with something they love.

22. 8. Holding hands constantly, even when your relationship isn’t new. Touching each other while doing every day things like watching a movie.

21. 9. Caring so much about the other person you want to show them how much you love them, even if your methods aren’t practical.

20. 10. Being so inspired by your love that you write songs about each other.

19. 11. Sleeping in the back of your SVU while going on road trips and adventures together.

18. 12. Not even caring how you look when you take silly couple selfies together because you both always look so happy.

17. 13. Making their work time sexy, because you hate that they leave you for 8 hours every day.

16. 14. Always remembering to plan fancy dates and never letting the fire die because you ‘got busy.’

15. 15. Taking baths together.

14. 16. Getting matching Christmas pajamas and using them to make your Christmas card.

13. 17. Always having ‘that look’ on your face when they hold you close and kiss you.

12. 18. Putting sunscreen on each other when you’re at the beach.

11. 19. Tying each other’s shoelaces.

10. 20. Taking silly photos wherever you go and talking about how these are the pictures your grandkids will look at one day and realize how in love you were.

9. 21. Always touching each other while driving somewhere.

8. 22. Matching underwear.

7. 23. Picking each other up at the airport and running into each other’s arms like you’re little kids again.

6. 24. Having weekends where you ban each other from leaving the bedroom and just hang out and cuddle the whole time.

5. 25. Getting your love for each other tattooed on your body forever.

4. 26. This wallpaper:

3. 27. Spending lazy Saturdays making breakfast together.

2. 28. Helping each other stay in shape, the fun way.

1. 29. Always being the couple who reminds each other exactly how lucky you are to be in each other’s lives.


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