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25 Celebrity Photobombs That Are Better Than Any Selfie


Taking a photograph with a famous person is only halfway to success. It’s hard to get a really good picture, and a lot of people get extremely creative at moments like this, which is not always appropriate. Plus, celebrities themselves can do some weird things.

When you manage to encounter a celebrity you’ve dreamt of meeting for years, chances are you’re going to want to take a picture with them to cherish the moment forever. Usually, celebrities lead busy lives and your chance to capture a moment with them comes down to a single photo opportunity (especially for most of us not brave enough to ask the star for a retake). In this single moment, there is way too much pressure for both people involved to get it right. But sometimes, the pictures that don’t turn out — which are just as common as the ones that do — end up making some pretty great memories anyways.

Whether it be a photobomb in the background, an unsuspecting addition to the picture, or the subjects themselves failing at being photogenic, here are 25 pictures of celebrity photobombs that are just so good because they’re just so bad.


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