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19 Ways to Make Him Miss You like Crazy


If you’re in a relationship, chances are that you always want to read his mind. Not in a psychic sort of way, but just to know what he really thinks of you. We want to be deeply loved and respected by our significant others. Plus, we need to know that we have an important place in his heart.

The surest sign of someone’s importance is that you miss them when they’re not there. Below are a few ways to know if he misses you when you’re apart. This could be the best measure of where you’re at in your relationship:

In this digital age, we usually have our phones in our hands. This means that you’re usually texting or calling him, at least a few times a day. You may even be texting or tagging him in posts when he’s sitting right across you!

Now there’s nothing wrong with communication, but there’s a certain healthy level. Being in touch every couple of hours is not going to give him time to miss you. So give him a chance to realize how much he misses you when you’re silent for some time.

So put down that phone and roam around a little. Cook, bake, do your nails, or concentrate on writing a story! It’s better for your eyes, a more productive use of your time, and would hopefully get your guy missing you.

If he’s the one calling or texting, tease him a little. If you rush to pick up on the first ring or text back immediately, it’s not going to increase your value. Don’t think that he would immediately give up on you if you don’t respond at once. If anyone really does do that, they’re not worth bothering about in the first place.

Hence, practice some patience and force yourself to look away from his message. Read it first to make sure it’s nothing urgent. Then reply back once you’re done with whatever you’re doing at the moment. It better not be sitting around waiting for him to text!

Make sure that you’re always the one to call it a night. When you’re chatting, be the first to say goodbye. When you’re out on a date, suggest going home before he can. This practice may be difficult for you, especially if you’re crazy about him and are having a good time. Still, keep at it so that he can realize that he doesn’t want his time with you to end.

If he feels something for you, he absolutely would find a way to reach out and contact you again. However, this is just a practice to make him realize that he could actually miss you. In the long term, don’t hesitate to ask him out or call him yourself if you feel like it.

If you’re always updating your status, tweeting, and Instagramming every meal, he would see you all the time. In a way, you wouldn’t have left his side. As a result, he would probably not even miss you for a second.

So the plan of action here is to stop uploading every picture you take. Leave a little something for him to discover on his own. If he’s the one uploading picture and statuses, you don’t have to provide likes and comments. Even if you have to fake it, make it look like you’re too busy for social media.

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways of evoking certain feelings. It is especially useful in having someone recalling certain memories. You can definitely use this fact to your advantage by having a signature scent of your own! This way, he would always be missing you when he smells the same perfume, or something similar.

So try to wear the same perfume or scent each time you see him. You may also want to spray some of it around his living space. Make sure he doesn’t catch you at it, though! Even if he doesn’t consciously smell it, he’s going to be thinking of you even when you’re not there.

Many times, women make the mistakes of letting their man know each and everything about themselves. This does not bode well, for his missing you, since he’s got nothing more to find out. So keep a little interest alive by not sharing everything within the first few weeks or even months.

Instead, surprise him every now and then by a little tidbit about your past life when it’s relevant. This would be sure to keep him guessing and alert about you.

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. When you want a guy to call you back or think about you after you go, leave a little something behind. This could be something as simple as an earring, bracelet, or even a piece of clothing like a scarf. Not only would this facilitate a call to return the item, it would necessitate another meeting. However, what you’re really going for here is just making him think of you when he sees that ‘forgotten’ item.

Sure, you love giving him lots of attention and treats, but make sure he earns it all. Plus, you also need to see that he doesn’t get everything all at once. Don’t shower him with hugs and kisses right from the start, no matter how much you’re tempted.

It can be easy to get swept away by the newness of the relationship. If you want to make it last, though, make him see that you’re not always there for the taking. Give a little peck when he does something thoughtful, instead of constant fawning right after he wakes up.

To make him miss you, make yourself unavailable at times. When we’re in relationships, many of us, unfortunately, don’t make time for our friends. Don’t make that same mistake. Use a weekend night to go out with your friends without him for a change. Get dressed up, stay classy, and enjoy a good old-fashioned catch-up session.

Even if your guy likes the space at first, he would soon start missing you. He would know that you’ve got somewhere to go other than being with him. This would make him appreciate you all the more.

When you return from your fun night or weekend trip, don’t keep him in the dark about it. Let him know how much fun you had, without bragging or rubbing it in. he would probably realize your importance then if he hasn’t done so already.

If you make your solo excursions seem like fun, he would probably want to tag along on the next one. Allow him this at times, but be sure to have some of your own life too.

Social media, when used wisely, can be a valuable tool for showcasing your fun times without him. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t be using it to document your whole day, every day. However, don’t hesitate to show how much you’re enjoying yourself without his company. This doesn’t mean that you want him to feel bad, but just to show him how interesting your life already is.

A word of caution here. Do not fake your updates and posts. You may not always be able to go on a trip, or even have a night out with friends. However, you can make plans for lunch, brunch, or even breakfast. You can then check in at the places you go, and tag the friends you’re with. It doesn’t have to be a huge elaborate plan to make your life seem more exciting. Keep it real, and don’t worry too much about him seeing everything you post. Indulge yourself and focus on having a good time.

Every girl needs to feel pampered every now and then. You don’t have to change the way you look for anyone, but it could really help in getting over someone. Who knows, your new hair or outfit may catch his eye and make him miss you if you’re not together anymore.

Even if this plan doesn’t work out, a makeover would make you feel wonderful about yourself. Of course, you don’t have to change yourself completely. You can just try out new ways of doing your hair, learn some makeup tricks, or start eating healthier.

If you want your ex to miss you, you may want to show up with someone else. This new guy may be a new prospect or even a friend or acquaintance. However, the one you want to target would probably get jealous upon seeing you with another man. Of course, make sure that this is really what you want.

You should also see that you don’t end up using the person who is accompanying you. If they have real feelings for you, it’s probably best not to use them as a way to catch your ex’s attention.

Relationships are fiery things and can burn themselves out if you’re not careful. Cool down a bit and start treating him like a buddy instead of a love interest all the time. It may be difficult to stop gushing over him, but force yourself.

When he sees you as a friend as well as a woman, he is more likely to keep a long-term relationship in mind. However, if you’re not even together yet, this attitude may make him feel like you’re not even available. So pick and choose your actions wisely!

Staying happy these days require some real effort. We’re usually stressed from work, and getting a man to miss you isn’t easy. However, we suggest that you just relax and enjoy what you can from life. Tell yourself that you deserve to be as happy as possible, and make changes accordingly. For instance, you may join a Zumba class to have a fun way of working out. This would release your stress and give you a natural glow of happiness.

When the man in your life sees that you are happy even when he’s not around, he’d want to be around. You would just seem more interesting to him than with a mopey face and a defeated attitude.

If you usually plan out everything to the last detail, a bit of spontaneity might be in order. As mentioned before, you can slowly reveal certain facts about yourself to keep his interest piqued. What’s more, you could arrange for an outdoor adventure in place of your usual dinner date.

When life with you is exciting, you’re exciting too. He would hence be unable to keep you in his mind.

This is not just about the guy you want to impress, but also about developing yourself. Keep your independence as a sacred space. While you may depend on him for certain things, try to be as independent as possible. For instance, don’t always rely on him to drive you to places. Drive yourself, take a friend along, or simply call an Uber.

Making him miss you is not that hard. You simply have to be the kind of person who creates a void when they leave. If you make him genuinely laugh when he’s with you, he would miss that pleasure when you’re gone.

So don’t be afraid to give out some compliments, make little jokes, and generally be your delightful self. Show him your best side, instead of nagging or being jealous whenever you meet him. If you make your meetups a pain he’s just going to feel relief when you two aren’t together.

It’s not just you that needs her own life; he does too. Men love their privacy just as much as women do, maybe even more. You wouldn’t want him to snoop through your phone; don’t do this with him either. If he wants to sleep in on a Sunday, let him do that sometimes.

Make your own space, and let him have his. This way, you would be meeting as individuals when you are together. This is far better than being in a co-dependent relationship.

Whether you’re at work or away on a trip, you want to know that you’re on his mind. Apply the knowledge above and see if you mean as much to him as he does to you!


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