There’s a chance that your man micro-cheated on you, and he’s getting away with it. Cheating isn’t just about sleeping with someone else while he’s in a committed relationship with you. There are other ways for him to be a low-key cheater.

Micro-cheating is a sneaky, subtle way to cheat without doing any physical cheating. Harmless flirting could look innocent at first, but when all small things add up — following attractive girls on social media, getting too close with female friends he slept with in the past, friends with exes, etc — it could turn into a full-blown affair. It’s not okay when he keeps things from you like the time he got this cute girl’s number at the gym. It doesn’t matter if he had no intention of hooking up with her. Look — we’re all going to be attracted to beautiful-looking people even when we’re in a relationship, but it doesn’t mean he should outright flirt with every pretty girl that comes his way.

You might feel uncomfortable approaching him when you’re bothered by these “small” things because you don’t want to come off as a possessive or overly jealous girlfriend, but you shouldn’t let him get away with it. He can’t have his cake and eat it, too.


16. He Follows Attractive Girls On Instagram And Likes Their Photos Way Too Often

It’s hard to tell whether it’s innocent or not when he follows attractive girls on Instagram. It could mean nothing when he likes their photos every and now then. But it’s not okay when he constantly checks to see if they uploaded new photos and double-tap on every one of them. He’s infatuated with them. It’s definitely low-key cheating when he messages the girls privately or writes comments with flirty emojis. There’s no need for him to do that because he’s in a relationship. When you ask him why he follows these girls, he tells you all his friends do it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Okay, but it’s wrong when he takes the initiative to get to know them, though. It’s possible the little chat could lead to something more serious down the line.


15. He Takes Forever To Text You Back But He’s Always On His Phone When You’re Together

He’s probably being unfaithful when he takes forever to text you back or completely forgets to do it, but he’s always on his phone when you’re together. It doesn’t make sense for him to not respond to any of your messages when he’s glued to his phone all the time. He’s blatantly ignoring you. He’s too busy and having way too much fun on social media flirting with girls who are not his girlfriend and liking photos of attractive girls he follows that you’re not even on his mind. His action says something. You should be his priority, but you’re not. There’s no point for him to be in a relationship if he acts like he’s single when he’s not and puts other girls first while he places you second.


14. He Makes Your Girlfriends Feel Awkward Or Think He Might Be Interested When He’s Flirty With Them

These are the types of guys your girlfriends will not let you date. When you’re in a relationship, friends are off-limits! No exceptions. He should never hit on your friends. It’s bad when he’s hitting on random chicks, but it’s worse when it’s your friends. It’s possible there might’ve been a misunderstanding like he was joking, and they took it too literally. If it happened once then fine, but if he constantly makes your girlfriends feel awkward or think he’s interested because of the way he acts towards them, then you need to have a talk with him. You might not want to believe it, but it’s important to remember that it’s not easy for your girlfriends to tell you your man’s been flirty with them because they don’t want to upset you.


13. He Dresses Better When He Goes Out With His Boys (No Girlfriends Allowed)

He looks good when you guys go out on a date night to the movies or restaurant, but he dresses even better when he goes out with his boys where girlfriends aren’t allowed. He showers, shaves, combs his hair, wears cologne, and selectively picks out his outfit for a guys’ night out. He’s dressed to impress. He plans to flirt and mingle with cute girls at the bar or party just like the other guys. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s trying to pick a girl up to take home with or have a make-out sesh right there. He wants to see if he’s still got game and if girls are attracted to him. Basically, he wants to act like he’s single but not physically do anything a single guy would. It still doesn’t make it okay.


12. He Made Friends With Girls He Never Mentioned To You And You Only Know About Them From His Social Media

You’re on his social media, and you see that he made friends with girls he never mentioned to you. Ashley? Lauren? There are so many, and you know nothing about them. It’s possible he met them through mutual friends, or he started following girls he thinks are pretty. He doesn’t have to tell you about every girl he meets, but it’s a problem when there are flirty comments on his Instagram with a lot of winking and smooching emojis. He might not be having a full-blown affair, but there must be something that he did to make the girls be interested in him. Maybe he’s acting like he’s single and flirting back. Also, Snapchat is the worst because the messages and pictures get deleted once received.


11. He Downplays The Relationship Because He Doesn’t Want To Come Off Too Unavailable

It’s never good when he downplays his relationship with his friends or anyone he finds attractive. It’s a sign that he doesn’t want to come off too unavailable so that girls don’t run the other way when they find out that he’s in a committed relationship. It could be a turn-off for some girls who are looking to flirt with someone. Because he’s keeping the relationship on the down-low, it’s also possible that his buddies don’t know who you are and maybe it’s because you were never formally introduced to them as his girl. If you have met them, then they might not think the relationship is that serious, and you’re just a girl he’s casually dating. If he truly cared about you and is faithful to you, then he would happily tell anyone who would listen that he’s not available.


10. He Says Things Like, “My friend Michelle and I made a pact: if we’re both single at 30, we’d get married.”

Many people make a pact with their friends promising to marry each other if they were still single at a certain age. It could’ve been for fun or even serious. Regardless, it’s unnecessary for him to bring up the pact he made with one of his female friends years before he met you. Maybe he wanted to share his story because you guys were talking about it, and that’s fine. But he should say something after he tells you about his pact to assure you that there’s a future for you and him like, “Oh, but we were so young back then, and you and I are together now.” Anything would have been better than saying nothing, or it’ll seem like he still talks to his female friend about the pact, and this relationship is only temporary.


9. He Goes Out Of His Way To Do Something Nice For A Girl Who’s Not His Girlfriend

When he goes out of his way to do something nice for a girl who’s not his girlfriend is not always a bad thing. It’s a problem when he forgets to pick things up for you, book a vacation, and anything else you have to do on your own because he’s “too busy.” When another girl wants tickets for a concert, he tells her he can make it happen because he knows someone who can hook him up. He never made an effort to take you to a concert where your favorite band was playing. When the girl needs a ride for her red-eye flight, he stays up late to drop her off at the airport and offers to pick her up a few days later. Some of these things may seem small, but when you add everything up, it means trouble.


8. He Doesn’t Try To Stop Or Anything When Girls Hit On Him

Some guys like to get hit on because it boosts their ego, so he might not want to stop or anything when attractive girls flirt with him. Instead, he puts on a smile and starts flirting back. He buys them drinks, compliments them, invites them to a friend’s party where you won’t be there, etc. All of his actions are misleading because it gives the impression that he’s single. It makes you wonder what guys really do on a guys’ night out, doesn’t it? While some guys play video games, it’s possible that others mingle with girls and ask for their Instagram to follow. He doesn’t have to get her number to be unfaithful. Anyways, it’s flattering to get hit on by attractive girls, but he should respect his relationship and walk away.


7. He Lies To You Saying It’s Work-Related When He’s Going Out With Some Girl

He lies to you saying that it’s work-related when he’s going out with a girl you barely know for dinner so that you won’t question him or be suspicious of him. It’s one of the most common excuses men use when they’re “cheating” on their partner. It’s not like you’re going to follow him, and if you were to ask for more details, then he’ll say she’s a client or co-worker. He probably tells you ahead of time in case he bumps into someone you know when he’s out. Also, he might tell you he’s hanging out with the guys when he’s out even though there are girls, like the one he’s been talking to on social media quite often. It’s not that he’s having an affair, but it has to count for something when he’s not honest.


6. He Talks To His Ex About All The Good Times They Had Together

It could be okay to date a guy who’s friends with his ex, but it will definitely be hard especially when he keeps in constant touch with her like she’s his best friend. When he talks to his ex about all the good times they had together, he’s reigniting the flame. They reminisce the crazy things they did together as a couple and how happy they were. They follow each other on social media and write comments only they understand. It makes you feel left out. Also when something exciting happens to him, he can’t wait to share the news with his ex. He probably tells her a lot more things than he tells you. It’s possible that he’s emotionally involved with her, and that’s not a good thing.


5. He Brings You To An Event As His Date But Spends More Time Talking To Another Girl

He brings you to an event as his date and ditches you. You’re surrounded by people you don’t know, and that’s okay because you’re social. He spends most of his time at an event talking to another girl, and you think they might be talking about business or something serious. Chances are he’s probably not. He’s laughing and enjoying the company of another girl while you’re by yourself trying to make the most of it. It’s rude. It’s like he forgot he brought you here. Even when you’re surrounded by friends, he should be by your side and make sure that you’re having a great time instead of flirting with another girl in front of everyone. You’re his girlfriend and his date. He should pay attention to you.


4. He Constantly Tells You How Awesome This Girl He Just Met Is Who’s Single By The Way

There’s nothing wrong with him praising a girl he just met, but if he constantly tells you how awesome she is, then it’s not a good sign. When he repeatedly tells you what makes her awesome, then it means he can’t get her out of his mind. They spent a lot of time together getting to know one another, and they probably even exchanged numbers to stay in touch. He may not be dating her now, but it should bother you how close he has gotten with someone he just met. He can’t stop talking about all the great qualities he admires about her. He used to notice those in you, too, but ever since meeting her, she’s all he talks about. It definitely makes it worse that she’s single!


3. He Tells You Your Girlfriends Are Pretty And Jokes Who He Would’ve Dated If He Wasn’t Dating You

When your girlfriends come over, he lets it slip that he thinks your girlfriends are pretty and mentions how any guy would be lucky to have them. When you guys go out to an event, and your girlfriends are dressed up, he asks you why you can’t wear something like that because he thinks the dresses look really good on them. Basically, he checks them out every time he compliments on their appearance. He even jokes about who he would’ve dated if he wasn’t dating you. You know what they say — there’s some truth in every joke. He’s pretty much saying he wants to date one of your girlfriends and implying that you’re not good enough for him. He shouldn’t give you a reason to feel insecure or jealous. He should feel lucky to have found you.


2. He Confides In His Female Friends He Hooked Up With And Gets Touchy-Feely With Them Like Let Them Sit On His Lap

It’s okay for him to have female friends, but it’s a problem when he gets touchy-feely with them like give full-body hugs, hold hands, let them sit on his lap, etc. If people didn’t know any better, they would’ve thought he was dating her and not you. Their friendship was more like friends with benefits, which is alarming. It makes things worse when he confides in them when you guys have relationship problems. It’s wrong, and when you tell him how uncomfortable you feel about his friendship with the girls, he brushes it off with, “Don’t worry. We’re just friends.” There’s a reason why people don’t like to date a guy who’s still cozy with his exes and way too comfortable with female friends who he hooked up with in the past.


1. He Blatantly Flirts With Other Girls In Front Of You And Says He’s Just A Ladies’ Man

There’s nothing to worry about if he just smiled at the other girls because he was being friendly. It’s wrong when he’s trying hard to make eye contact and get their attention. His eyes and his focus should only be on you. He also sends the wrong message that he’s available, and you’re just a friend. He tells you he’ll be right back, and you see him blatantly flirting with the girls in front of you. He probably doesn’t think what he’s doing is wrong because he’s doing it in your face as opposed to doing it behind your back. Regardless, you know his flirting has crossed the line because of the way he flirted. It’s how he got to you. So you confront him about it, and he defends himself as the ladies’ man. It’s just an excuse.


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