The mobile phones have a world of its own. Over the years they have revolutionized the way multimedia is shared and will continue to do so for generations to come. At first, there used to be the old SMS service, and it was followed WhatsApp, snaps, etc. These days it’s just a dilemma to choose the messaging app and messages themselves have various utilities, indulging in promiscuity is one of them in the form of sexting.

People send people text or WhatsApp messages when they’re in a kinky mood, and sometimes expect a return of favor. But sometimes it happens, a wrong message at the wrong time or to the wrong person is all it takes to ruin one’s life. So we at TrendingDirt would like to bring you a compilation of 15 such times when someone’s sexting went to new hilarious heights. Want to see more? Scroll down.


He Wanted to be Wet

She showed him the perfect solution.


Was it that difficult to understand?

Doesn’t matter…at least he got Karma brownies.


Us, bed and blankets

Clearly, they were planning for a fort.


Savage much?

We admire the hype she built.



The man’s going places.


Very very smooth…

I hope she remembers him from now on.


Mario isn’t interested

He really isn’t. No, you don’t get points for trying.


Well, that would’ve been calamitous

Thank God she apologized or else he would’ve downloaded the pic. Oh wait.


Eminem fan?

Does it resemble a song? It actually does!


He got what he wanted

Good move, wrong timing.



Cereal is love, cereal is life.


That was really dirty though!

The joke was dirtier than the dishes.


False alarm

We don’t even know what to say.


Wrong number, mom!

Mom was feeling kinky and then came a startling revelation.


He got what he wanted too!

She was one witty customer.

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