Playing with those round beautiful maracas isn’t something that only men fantasize about doing. Women, even though, we don’t always admit it, are intrigued by our Ta-Tas as well. We also openly glance at other women’s jugs all the time. Our lovely lady lumps are so enchanting because of how unique each set is. They come in a whole array of shapes, sizes, and colors—so, of course we’re fascinated by them! Even a woman’s own knockers tend to change shape and size throughout the years. A woman’s body really is a work of art. It’s no wonder everyone loves them!

Everyone can appreciate the allure of Double Whoppers. This attraction leaves all of us wanting to do weird things to a set of Ta-Tas. For men, their fantasies about our Hooters are quite predictable. They want to touch, grab, pull, lick, suck, rub, bite, tease, and squeeze ’em, maybe even watch them bounce every now and then. When it comes to women and their own sets, well this list is different. Even though we do enjoy massaging and itching them regularly, there are some secret things woman want to do to their bodacious bosoms. Here are 15 things you secretly want to do to your Ta-Tas!


15. Lick Them

Licking your own set of boobs isn’t the easiest thing to do. You need to lift them up close to your mouth, tilt your head down low, and extend your tongue long enough to reach them. Licking your own set of twins isn’t the most comfortable thing you can do to them. So, why do we all secretly want to lick them?

Well, we see guys do it all the time. If men love licking them, there must be a reason why they do. It’s normal that we would want to get a little taste of them ourselves. Besides, it feels good when they are given that wonderful, sloppy attention. We just want to give our Ta-Tas the same pleasure they get from our partners.


14. Give Them A Massage

Almost every part of our body gets massaged at some point, but we tend to forget about our Ta-Tas. Those relaxing back massages would feel just as satisfying if they were given to our boobs. Think about the rubbing oil dripping from your breasts, while scented candles burn and Zen music plays in the background. Since a woman’s breasts still remain one of the private areas of her body, getting them massaged at a spa isn’t really a thing. So, it is up to us to massage them ourselves.

Massaging your boobs gives them the loving that they need. It might even help to relieve any stress you might have, just like other massages tend to do. You can use a hand on each of them or focus only on one. You can use oils and creams and basically anything you want to lotion them up.


13. Wax Them

Like other parts of our body, the n*pple region is prone to growing some hair. Looking at your n*pples, you’ll probably notice a few dark strands of hair circling around them. Totally normal, but their sometimes annoying to have. If you’re someone who doesn’t like a lot of body hair, you’ve probably thought about removing your boob hair.

So, how exactly can we get rid of nipp hair? Well, shaving, no matter how skilled we are, with a razor can leave our sensitive areas burning, itchy, with rashes or even ingrown hairs. That’s the last thing we want to happen to our nipps. So, when it comes to removing n*pple hair, we have to take the painful measures. That’s right, if you want to get rid of your n*pple hair, you’re going to have to tweeze, laser, or wax them!


12. Give Yourself A Chest-Gasm

A lot of women don’t know that their breasts are orgasmic. Well, they are! When you’re alone and want to give yourself some great stimulation, focus on your Ta-Tas. Like cl*toral and V-stimulation, you’re going to have to learn how to pleasure yourself through your boobs. There are tons of motions you can try to give yourself a boob-gasm, you just need to find what works for you!

When it’s done right, we love when our partners play around with our breasts during intimacy. We should be able to turn ourselves on through Ta-Ta arousal as well. Even though each woman likes different feelings, you can start by circling, massaging or squeezing your breasts. Then, when you’re ready, you can move towards center stimulation. Reaching the Big-O is great, and we know getting one solely from our boobs would be amazing!


11. Bedazzle Them

Bedazzling our breasts shouldn’t only happen at raves or festivals. Lately, tons of women have been drenching their boobs in highlight and glitter to give them a little extra attention. But, why not take this bedazzle further?

If it was socially acceptable, many women would feel no shame in wearing fun sticky shapes over their nipps. You know, those heart, cross, and flower stickers they sell to cover your nipps? Tons of celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Bella Hadid, and Rihanna have publicly worn fun-shaped nippies. Other women would love to basically bathe their chests in glitter and tacky jewelry. It might be off-setting for some people, but it adds character to your breasts. Some women might even feel comfortable pulling a completely naked, bedazzled boob look, kind of like a 2013 Miley Cyrus.


10. Compare Sizes

Unless you got your breasts perfectly designed and inserted by a top plastic surgeon, you probably don’t have symmetrical boobs. And that’s fine, no one really does! Some sets of boobs are strikingly different in their shape and size. Some pairs, aren’t that noticeably different at all. But, we still find ourselves comparing both of our breasts all the time. We even compare our breasts to other women.

It’s human nature to constantly compare our bodies to other people. Is it healthy to do that? Well, no! But sometimes it’s uncontrollable. Whether you are satisfied with your breasts or not, it is completely normal to find yourself checking out the rack on someone else. And every woman, at some point, has even compared both of her boobs to one another.


9. Give Them Names

Men give their junk names all the time! Why can’t us women do the same for our boobs? We basically treat our lady parts like they’re their own person. We might as well name them as well. Since there are two of them, you should probably name them different names. Do you go for historical or biblical names, the most popular names the year you were born, or even those weird celebrity baby names? The choices are endless.

Tons of women have named their breasts, but probably never tell anyone about it. How do you even bring up the names of your girls? Do you ask people do address them by name when they grab them? Or, will you keep their names a secret? There are so many decisions! Regardless of what you decide, naming your boobs can be a lot of fun.


8. Jiggle Them

One of the greatest characteristics of breasts is that they always jiggle. When you’re walking up and down the stairs, going for a run or even just a slow-paced stroll, you’re boobs always end up doing their own dance. Even though we sometimes find ourselves holding them in place, we love jiggling them around at times.

When there is too much motion (think wooden rollercoaster), our boobs sometimes move a little too much. This is super annoying and sometimes painful. But, when they are just motionless and hanging there, it’s fun to bounce them around a bit. You can watch them move up and down and even bounce in all sorts of directions. Sometimes it seems like our boobs really do have a mind of their own.


7. Show Them Off

Ta-Tas are such a beautiful part of the female body that sometimes all we want to do is show them off. When we are having those terrific boob days, we want to showcase them to the world. No matter what shape or size your breasts may be, all women have thought about what it would be like to just flaunt their goods.

Showing off your boobs doesn’t mean you have to walk around completely naked. There are tons of ways to show off your girls without stepping outside of your comfort zone. If you have no problem wearing revealing clothes, you can definitely wear a racy, see-through or even low-cut top. If that’s not your thing, go braless or even wear something tight. It won’t be overly revealing, but it will still show off your lady lumps.


6. Check Them Out

Whether you’re wearing a low-cut top, a tight shirt, or a new lacy bra, you have definitely checked out your boobs at some point. Checking out your Ta-Tas is a daily thing. When you’re alone, it’s inevitable that you’re going to want to glare at your special set of twins. You have to check up on how they’re doing after all.

But, there are times when you’re having a really great boob day, where you find yourself constantly looking at them. So when you’re out at the mall, at a friend’s place, at dinner, or even at a bar, you will spontaneously check them out. Then, you’ll probably smirk to yourself because they look so good. Just try not to get caught looking at them too often!


5. Free Them

The “Free The N*pple” movement isn’t anything new. Women have been going braless for decades. Early feminists refused to be restricted by bras and didn’t want to hide their women parts from the public. Letting your breasts hang naturally has become very empowering for many women.

The 1970s was the dawn of the “free the n*pple” movement. They even created a “n*pple bra” for those larger breasted women who still wanted to take part in the lobbying. Then, how can we forget the 1990s? The Spice Girls were always braless and looked so fab whenever they performed. Now, plenty of our favorite celebrities go braless at huge Hollywood events. It has become super “trendy” to ditch your bra and flaunt your goods in public.


4. Hide Stuff In Them

Both bras and our actual breasts have become a go-to place to hide some of our goods inside. Women have hidden money, credit cards, IDs, cellphones, and even illegal substances in their bras. Why do you think security guards are always lifting up our bras now at huge festivals? They obviously suspect something is hidden in there.

Women hide personal things in their bras for plenty of reasons. One of the main reasons is because she either doesn’t have pockets or want to carry a purse when she goes out. Putting things in your bra also decreases the chance of getting stuff stolen. We would obviously notice someone putting their hand down our top to reach for our credit card over someone taking it directly from our purse. If you’re going to hide any personal belongings in your bra, just make sure it’s secure!


3. Pierce Them

It seems like over the past few years, all of our favorite young celebrities have pierced their n*pples. Bella Hadid, Bella Thorne, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kristen Stewart and Rihanna all have their nipps pierced. Each of them look extremely sexy and seductive with their piercings. It looks like they might have even started a trend with this saucy body jewelry. So many women are now rocking that pierced n*pple look.

Even if piercings aren’t your thing, you probably have been intrigued with this unconventional body ring. N*pple piercings aren’t a new innovation, but they have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. N*pple piercings help add some edginess to your already gorgeous breasts. Plus, looking at pierced nipps through a see-through shirt is totally sexy.


2. Highlight And Contour Them

With the rise of the highlight and contour makeup trend, people have been moving away from only using makeup their faces. It has become acceptable to start using makeup on your chest and even on other parts of your body. Now, putting contour and highlight on your boobs won’t completely change their appearance, but it will help define them.

Using highlighter on your breasts will bring tons of attention to them. They will be glowing whenever any light hits them. People wont be able to look away from your chest when your boobs are shining and glitzing in the light. Contour will help define them. You can use contour to give yourself some better cleavage and it will even help to outline around the natural shape of your breasts.


1. Use Clamps On Them

Many of us were first introduced to nipp clamps after reading or watching 50 Shades of Grey. Nipp clamps aren’t a conventional sex toy, but they can definitely stir up some fun in the bedroom. They can either be used with a partner or alone. Even if you aren’t really into nipps play, you have probably thought about what it might feel like to have something squeezing and teasing your nipps.

As for nipp clamps themselves, well like any other sex toy, they come in a variety of choices. You can choose between different intensities, feelings, and sizes. They even make nipp clamps that release little shocks to your body. However kinky you may be, there are nipp clamps designed for your own personal preference.



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