In the last decade, women of Hollywood have become increasingly honest about beauty standards. On TV and in magazines, it appears that the actresses and artists we admire and praise for their flawless perfection are anything but perfect. We’ve learned that with the use of Photoshop, airbrushing, and other image-editing tools, celebs look far better in photos than what they do in real life, which makes those paparazzi shots even morerevealing. Now that celebs have Instagram at their disposal, it’s even common for them to use editing tools on their smartphones that make them look slimmer and more glowing than usual. While some celebs just can’t get away from the tricks that make them look perfect, others are embracing the opportunity to expose the world of celeb beauty and give fans a realistic look at everything it takes to create that exceptional photo.

One of the most useful tools at their disposal – other than on-the-go image editing programs – is Spanx. Worn under those expensive dresses, many famous women have relied on the shapewear to keep their rolls in line and thighs looking much tighter than normal. While it’s all appreciated to know that celebs also depend on shapewear while dressing up for a formal occasion, we’re all a little shocked to actually witness their little secret. Even for us non-celebs, we know to wear Spanx with the appropriate outfit to ensure that those tightening undergarments remain hidden at all times. But it seems that celebs aren’t as concerned about their Spanx peeping out from under their designer dresses as we are.

For so many women in the limelight, they just never got the message about Spanx etiquette. For these women, they’re disobeying the rules of fashion and, as a result, embarrassing themselves, their stylists, and their publicists.

15. Taylor Swift Flaunts It Like She’s Got It (But She Don’t)

Even for the singer who weighs a hundred pounds soaking wet, Taylor Swift is trying to look even slimmer with the help of massive, tush-slimming underpants. While performing on stage, some prop fans were positioned just right (or just wrong, depending on how you look at it) to make that wispy purple dress of hers rise up and make her pull a Marilyn. While Marilyn never had the help of Spanx back then, what was worn beneath that iconic white dress was certainly similar in size and shape – it even looked better than Spanx! But Taylor was quick to catch the skirt and walk away from the fans. Since the Spanx reveal, Taylor has embraced perfection and has never been caught in a humiliating moment ever again.

14. Kim Thinks That Her Spanx Are Shorts

When Kim Kardashian was preggers, she wore a pair of maternity Spanx leisurely around her home in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kourtney’s ex, Scott Disick, was hanging around with Kim and Kourt, but became noticeably uncomfortable by her choice of wardrobe. Kim assured Scott that it’s just like a nude pair of bike shorts, but even so, Scott couldn’t get around the fact that her voluptuous bod was being hugged in all the wrong ways. He even went on to say that maybe she shouldn’t be wearing stuff like that around people. Yikes! Kim tried to defend herself, but Scott was basically saying what we’re all thinking: cover yourself up, woman, at least when hanging around those who are NOT your family. Kim eventually put on a pair of sweat pants, much to the delight of Scott and her audience.

13. The Queen Bey Isn’t Worried AT ALL About Debuting Her Undergarments

The Queen Bey has just been dethroned in this photo by displaying her blatant disregard for adhering to Spanx etiquette. While wearing a wispy leopard-print number, Bey was totally asking for this fashion malfunction. In fact, she seems to wearing them and showing them off with pride as the wind effortlessly exposed her knickers. Either Beyonce is super confident, or super oblivious. Whatever it is, we know that her need for Spanx was revealed, proving to her audience that their royal highness is not as perfect as they all claim her to be. Beyonce may be a queen, but even queen’s have flaws that they want to hide from the world. Who knows, maybe her inability to remain discreet was all part of her plan to seem more relatable. See, even Bey wears the Spanx!

12. Mindy Kaling Isn’t Shy About Showing Off The Goods (Including Her Old Spice Deodorant)

While prepping for Mindy’s debut on the red carpet, she gave us all an up-close-and-personal eyeful of the work that goes into slipping into those designer gowns. Between the corset and the men’s deodorant, Mindy also requires the use of Spanx to hold it all together for a night on the town. She definitely isn’t shy as she gets hella real about the behind-the-scenes world of the celebrity dazzle! She posted this pic on her Instagram feed for everyone to see, proving to fans that if you’ve got curves in Hollywood, you’re gonna require the use of restrictive undergarments to keep it tight for those photographers. So ladies, if you’ve got a little junk in the trunk this holiday season, be sure to work it like the pros do and get some Spanx before that office party, but just don’t go flaunting it for everyone to see, like Mindy does.

11. Lindsay Lohan Was All Smiles With Her Spanx On Full Display

We’re not sure what kind of Spanx Lindsay is sporting, but we do know one thing: she probably didn’t expect them to be viewed by anyone, let alone the photographers waiting on the red carpet sidelines. With a dainty, purple dress, Lindsay didn’t foresee a breeze catching the hem, because if she did, we’re assuming she never would have worn such long and bulky Spanx. She seems to be laughing it off, but if you look closely, you can see that there’s a hint of humiliation behind that awkward smile. She just can’t believe that her reputation was worsened even more with this wardrobe mishap. Smiling it off is her only option at this point, or she’d make the situation worse if she showed any fragment of concern or lost temper.

10. Kylie Isn’t Fooling Anyone

We’re not sure why celebs continue to wear Spanx beneath short and thin dresses, but they continue to do it day after day. You’d think Kylie would know better, given her only job is to look good and understand basic fashion faux pas, but even she is not immune to the likes of a revealing gust of wind. She did her best to keep her granny panties on the DL while picking up some take-out, but the paparazzi has a special gift for picking up on the insecurities and embarrassments of Hollywood’s most rich and glamorous women. For Kylie, that meant coming to terms with the fact that someone else is controlling the unedited photos that people see of her, and given her affection for sharing selfies over Instagram, the lack of Photoshop on these images is so not cool.

9. Katie Tries To Keep Her Slip-Up Modest

When it comes to celeb humiliation, the blame can almost entirely be attributed to paparazzi shots being taken while someone is getting in or out of a vehicle, or even just while sitting in a vehicle. Whether they’re stumbling around after leaving a club or simply trying to keep their underwear from being revealed before stepping out for a red carpet moment, La La Land ladies must be hella aware of what’s going on beneath their dresses before opening that car door. For Katie Holmes, she was trying her absolute best to try and keep photographers from catching a glimpse of her Spanx, but her hand did nothing to shield the infamous thigh-tightening garment. If Katie was truly hoping to keep her insecurities under wraps, she could have increased the modesty by using her shawl as a makeshift blanket, but then she wouldn’t be able to show off those photo-worthy legs of hers. When it comes to star-status, you sometimes have to make sacrifices to get what you want.

8. Khloe CAN’T EVEN With That Gust Of Wind

The third Kardashian sister to be caught donning Spanx – and second to wear it underneath a wispy dress – is Khloe; the gal who definitely didn’t learn a lesson in discretion from sisters, Kim and Kylie. Given the Kardashian sister’s inability to maintain modesty with their wardrobe choices, it’s not surprising that Kim, Kylie, and Khloe all wanted to tighten up without having to actually cover up. Spanx seems to be all in the family, but we highly doubt that the two most toned and athletic sisters, Kendall and Kourtney, would ever be caught by photographers wearing the slimming piece of fabric. Even so, we wish that they’d at least wear more form-fitting dresses if they’re going to wear the beloved shapewear brand out in public.

7. Jennifer Garner Tries To Hide Her Humiliation With Humour

Mother of three, Jennifer Garner, is definitely someone you’d expect to wear some tummy-tightening pantyhose during a red carpet visit, but even with that lack of surprise associated with the star’s need for Spanx, we aresurprised by the fact that she decided to wear a dress that opens in the front to expose her little secret to the world. It’s a daring move that is just asking for some media attention. Even though Jen is quick to lean on her co-star, Steve Carrell, for emotional support during this embarrassing moment, you just know that deep down she’s regretting her wardrobe decision and is mentally planning on sending this seemingly innocent LBD to the back of her closet as soon as she gets home.

6. JLo Doesn’t Believe That You Found Out Her Little Secret

“No way! Who, me? Wear Spanx? I don’t think so.” Given her expressions, Jennifer Lopez is quick to shut-down her need for Spanx, but if you Google her name + Spanx, you’ll soon discover that the dancing diva is a big fan of the shapewear and opts to wear it on the regular. Even in a pretty conservative dress, JLo’s hem just can’t help but creep up to expose her extra-long panties and let us all know that the almost-fifty year old isn’t as tight as she wants us to believe. Since JLo is obviously no longer a spring chicken, keeping it all together requires much more than simply drinking water, doing yoga, and eating protein. A little help from the slimming undergarment goes a long way when you’re struggling to tone those wobbly bits at her age.

5. Amy Schumer DGAF About Her Spanx

In a seductive and humourous pose, Amy Schumer proves once again that she is incapable of feeling insecure. Or if she does, she faces those fears by making fun of the situation. In this case, Amy was quick to turn her insecurities into an admirable and respectable Instagram post by posing in her full-body Spanx; a move that can be appreciated by curvy women and tends to make men uncomfortable. But while Kim, Mindy, and Amy all feel free enough to lounge around in their undergarments, they’re all forgetting that those stretchy, body-hugging materials are NOT clothing. They’re basically trying to make slimwear look sexy, when really they’re just parading around in their unsexy granny panties.

4. Khloe Simply Embarrasses Herself (Again!)

When it comes to Spanx, the Kardashian sisters – or at least Khloe – are a walking advertisement for the famous line of shapewear. In this red dress, it seems that Khloe isn’t even attempting to cover up the nude tights. With the high cut of that dress, it’s well positioned above the length of the Spanx, making it look like Khloe was A-OK with the exposed layer and had even planned for its exposure. It seems unlikely that Khloe would actually wantto show off the shorts, but with that choice of dress, we’re not sure. However, Khloe isn’t exactly secretive about her little habit. She openly admitted that Spanx is her “number one slimming secret”, and by the looks of it, she abides by it on the daily.

3. Selena’s Ballerina Skirt Is Too Darn High!

During a performance where Selena Gomez was totally feeling the moment, she was also totally feeling the breeze beneath her skirt! And with a skirt that short, you’d think she’d be wiser about her choice of underpants. While she doesn’t look like she’s in need of Spanx, Selena definitely thought it was necessary enough to wear beneath that tutu. With her Spanx and skirt measuring roughly the same length, we’re wondering why she even opted to wear these flab-tightening shorts to begin with. Everyone knows that if you’re going to wear Spanx, you should always wear clothing that measures well beneath the hem of those infamous tights. Selena was clearly playing with fire the moment she decided to pair short tutus with long undergarments.

2. Molly Shannon Forgot The Only Rule Of Spanx: Keep Them Hidden

It seems that when it comes to Hollywood’s funny gals, they can’t help but flaunt the truth about women requiring the need for Spanx. While up on stage at an awards show, Molly Shannon exposed her long underwear to prove that she keeps it tight with the help of line-eliminating shapewear. In an effort to shed some light on the secrets of celeb prep, or perhaps find humour in lady truths, Molly hiked up her skirt like it was her job. It’s one thing if someone accidentally witnesses while lies beneath those couture dresses, but it’s another when you do it yourself. Nobody wants to see what’s under your skirt, Molly. At this point, everyone would have believed you if you simply stated that you’re keeping it tight with the help of Spanx. The honestly alone would have been enough to get a laugh. This is just going too far.

1. Kristen Stewart Is Ready To Defend Her Spanx Slip

While every celebrity is quick to don the nude-coloured Spanx, Kristen was at least smart enough to colour coordinate her long underpants with her dress in case of an embarrassing reveal. We guess her decision to wear black Spanx was all for good reason, because her dress did rise above her thighs once she took a seat next to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. While Kristen followed all the rules of Spanx and even wore it beneath a form-fitted dress, she couldn’t get away from the fact that she relies on the tightening fabric. If pin-thin stars like Kristen and Taylor Swift wear Spanx, what hope do all us normal women with dimpled thighs and muffin tops have when it comes to looking hella mint? I guess we just have to suck it up, and in, and get ourselves some Spanx of our very own.


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