The relation between a man and a woman is one of the most discussed and debatable topics in the world. It has been a subject of many books, films, and stage plays. You won’t find a single man or a woman on this planet who can tell you a sure-shot way to get along with your partner. Not to mention, often what we understand as a ‘yes’ turns out to be a ‘no’ and vice-versa.

Here they are…

#11 Her pupils expand when she sees you.

Eye contact affects the production of Oxytocin. This hormone gives us the feeling of being connected, that’s why we tend to make more eye contact with the person we know. When your eyes meet, a girl looks away shyly, but the girl who loves you and more so wants you will get her eyes back on you.

Her pupil expands when she is comfortable to be around you.

#10 Notice the position of her legs when she is around you.

If she sits in a cross-legged position, it means you’ve not yet been able to win her trust. Her ankles will be relaxed if she loves and trusts you.

#09 Check, if she wants to sit closer to you.

If she’s the only person in the room, the space between you both will say a lot about your relationship. There’s a small thing which you could try, go closer to her face and if she is comfortable, that means she likes you, and if she moves back, then it’s a bad sign.

#08 The way she looks at you says a lot.

To impress you, the girl will look at you with a calm expression on her face and would take her own sweet time to speak.

#07 Note the position of her face and hand.

If a girl plays with her accessories and tries to be more sophisticated when you’re around, that might mean she’s trying to keep you engaged and get your attention.

#06 Is she copying your gestures?

If she intentionally or unintentionally ends up copying your gestures and body language, that means she is trying to be like you, to understand you better.

#05 A good look at her toes.

When a girl is comfortable with you, she will keep on shaking her toes because she is feeling relaxed and has no fear of being judged. It also means that she’s trying to get your attention.

#04 If she checks her hair or clothes.

If she’s checking her clothes and accessories repeatedly, she is trying to look perfect for you. When a girl is not interested, she would never try to look perfect.

#03 She keeps looking into a mirror.

So, it’s a fact that people always want to look their best. If she checks herself every 10 minutes, then it only means she wants to look the best for you.

#02 How does she hold her hands when you’re around?

If she holds her hand tight, folds them around her chest, then it means she is proud to have you. If her hands are dropped low then it could mean that she’s not yet ready to open up.

#01 If she’s playing with her hair.

When a girl is shy but wants to open up with you, she will flirt, and touch her hair again and again.

Thats all…


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