Relationships these day have become quite tough to manage. It gets more difficult to manage once you are married to the person. With the feeling that responsibilities increasing every day, marital issues escalating, finding less time to spend with each other and most importantly babies. Since it is the need of the hour to be financially stable we all are busy in our tough work routines struggling with our relationships and if it is that of a husband wife then there are deemed to be more problems arising leading to break ups.

But if you take some time out of your tough routines to make plans so that it becomes easier to make it work out. Yes that is the key to the successful relationships that you have to manage it which requires efforts from both sides. Here is a list of some do’s which will definitely prove beneficial for you as a couple to make it last forever!


Yes staying healthy and adopting a healthy lifestyle can really guarantee you a lasting relationship. This is because if you are healthy it means that you are a positive and happy person. Doing this together with your significant other can prove to be more beneficial for your relationship. This is a sign that you and your partner feel the same about the relationship that keeping it healthy will have greater benefits in the future. According to a study 85% of the couples who exercised together noticed significant improvements in their relationship. So what are you waiting for? Start sweating it out together.


It is possible for you to have a lasting relationships if you both can find time to cook together. Yes that is the key to have a long lasting relationship if you both can cook together.

It is also proven in a research that couples who love to eat Mediterranean food have better chances of surviving a relationship as this kind of diet helps to make you happier and also combat depression. So yes next time when you have to cook get your husband to make a salad for you and yea you guys will be able to stick together!


Although it might be a difficult task for you to convince your husband to end up watching a romantic movie then you did it! This is because not all guys are in for those romantic chick flicks and actually find them pretty boring to watch. But if you both are able to pull this together than chances are that your relationship will survive the times. Many researchers were shocked to find out that couples who watched romantic movies together did better than those who were seeing a marriage counsellor. Also it is advisable that you watch any random romantic movie together and discuss how it pertains to your relationship you both stand a chance of being together forever. So this weekend prepare the bowl of popcorns and snuggle! Cheers!


This is another important aspect of the relationships and for the couples who are looking for a long-term one. The one advice which the elderly couples have to give is “if we felt it was broken we fixed it together. This means that the couples who discuss the aspects of their relationships which are tension causing and find amicable solutions for it together tend to last forever. This also makes your significant other feel that you consider them an integral part of your life and hence want to make it work. So yes next time try to discuss this with your partner that you do not want to get in to those messy fights rather want to look for a better solution for the issue.


Couples who sleep closer to each other tend to have a lasting relationship rather than those who push each other off the bed. Snuggling helps you to lower the stress levels and also helps you feel that you have a deep relationship with your partner. Many studies prove that couples who tend to cuddle throughout their relationships are better at keeping it long lasting. The health benefits of cuddling cannot be ignored. It actually helps to improve the immune system and also reduces the chances of the heart diseases. The quality sleep you get will help to be happier and a lot more satisfied than having an uncomfortable sleep. It also increases how positively you feel about the relationship.


This is another most fundamental aspect of the relationship. The way you both communicate can say a lot about your relationship and how you want to take it in the future. You should be free to talk about anything to your partner but if the case is otherwise then it could mean trouble. Couples who are able to talk freely about anything whether good or bad end up having healthy relationships rather than those who are hesitant to talk to each other about certain things. You should be able to talk about anything to your significant other without the fear of being judged. Both of you should have an open door policy and decide about it in the initial days of the relationships so that it does not become a problem later on.


Relationships which tend to last a lifetime have this important trait that they practice equality in the relationship. Both of you must be happy to be with each other rather than one trying to pull you in the relation while the other is constantly pushing. One sided efforts are not able to save the relationship and one gets exhausted doing their part if the other one is just not making any efforts to make it better. The opposite of this is also true that if one partner tries to exert more power on the other and impose their decision even then the relationship will not be able to last forever.


It is important that you both take pride in each other and about each other’s achievement rather than talking ill behind your back. Doing otherwise can be really harmful for your relationship and can put you in trouble, which might lead to the relation nearing the end. So yes just ensure that you think well about the person you are with and feel proud to be a part of their life.

Couples who tend to talk bad about their husbands or wives behind their back are in turn revealing their own weaknesses. It shows that they are not good people to be with and are not feeling positive about being in a relationship with you. Always talk about your significant other’s good qualities when they are not around will increase your chances of having a long lasting relationship.


If you both know how to turn a boring night in to something fun then it is a sign that you will have a lasting relationship. This is because if you are a fun person to be with the chances are that your better half will also feel better to be around you. Having fun when you are outside is easy but coming up with fun things to do at home together shows how much of a fun person you actually are! So let the fun game on!


Happy couples are always helpful with each other and tend to be in a relationship for a longer time. If you other half helps you doing certain tasks or when you need help then it means that your relationship will last forever. You both should make it a point to be there for each other and help if the other person needs it so that you both can last forever.


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