Many of my married female would already start making faces as to this phenomenon can never stand true. My husband cannot be the “Best”! My dear fellows sometimes we tend to ignore the details and just focus on the big thing which is evident in front of us only! Yes that is true! The fact that your friend’s husband gifted a diamond ring on their first anniversary does not mean that your husband does not love you enough to gift a diamond ring.

At times we focus on the materialistic aspects of things rather than the actual factor. We are all different at expressing love to the significant other. Being different is good rather than not expressing it at all. Some of you may agree with me on this one. Not only men but women also feel to show that love to their husbands! So, yes if he does these things to you, you can say that he is the Best husband in the world.

10. He Pampers You After a Tough Day

Okay so this is quite cheesy but if your husband does this he deserves the award. This is because it is not easy for him to continually do this and never even forget for a single day.

He considers the fact that you are giving your one hundred percent in this relationship and thus it is important for you laud him for the efforts that he is making. This also shows that he considers it his responsibility to take care of you at the end of the day! So yea just loosen up a bit and praise him for this since he might be waiting for appreciation in return too!


9. Takes Care of the Kids at Times

If your man does this then trust me you are way luckier than that friend of yours who got the diamond ring even! Yes believe me not all men are ready to take care of the kids because they do not like to get in to such stuff. But you are lucky enough since your husband understands that kids’ responsibilities should be equally shared amongst the both of you rather than just burdening one person. He wants you to have a good time too so love him for this one! Seriously not all men are cool with changing that smelly diaper or put the little monster to sleep!


8. He is There When You are Sad

You know your husband loves you when he is always there to console you whenever you are feeling down or are feeling frustrated due to your increased responsibilities.

He is one person who is ready to listen to all your rants and never even for once tries to stop you because he knows that you have no one else to take it out on! Thus you need to love him for this patience. I am sure not many of the husbands would want to listen to all this from wives especially after coming back home from work. Many are already irritated enough due to work pressure that they do not even feel like talking! Consider yourself really blessed if your husband has these qualities!


7. He Ends the Fight

Okay if he is the one to always end the argument believe me just go and hug him because he is indeed the Best husband! Certainly because for him you are more important than the argument and the fight most importantly his ego. It is better that you appreciate him for this since he makes the efforts to keep you happy by doing this which not may men can do.


6. He Listens to You

If this trait is present in your husband then he deserves the medal. This is because men like to do things their way and at times do not even care to consider the other person’s opinions. If your husband does this than you should stop thinking that he does not care about you. If he listens to your viewpoints in every matter and values it, praises you for it then it could not just get any better than this. It means that he loves you so much that your opinions and your views are better than his own. So yes go and hug him if he has the trait!


5. He Still Makes You Laugh

If he is still the person who once used to make you laugh then you should be thankful to him. It means that he wants to keep it all rosy and wants to be that person to make you smile. You must also try to reciprocate the feeling by telling him how much you adore this feeling still.


4. Tries to Show His Affection by Doing Small Things

Okay so it might be that he is not able to afford expensive gifts for you. So he might try to show it by doing little but cute things like arranging date nights, surprising you on your birthday, getting you flowers or trying to help you with the household chores. You might not give him credit for that but trust me making all this possible is far more difficult than getting material gifts! Not all husbands have the knack to go out of the way for their wives and do such things. If he does this then you are one blessed wife and he is the BEST husband in the world.


3. He is Loyal

This is the most important yet the most under rated quality of your husband on which you are not pondering enough. The fact that he is loyal to you even when you are away proves that how much he loves you and cares about you. He wants to be there for you always and never hurt you by falling for someone else. Not many of us have this trait in us but if your husband has this trait you need to give him full marks for being the best husband you can ever find!


2. He Praises You in Front of His Friends and Family

If he does this then he is really the Best husband because he owns you in front of the world. He knows that his wife is his responsibility and he accepts it with all his emotions. He knows that he has to look after you and therefore he praises your efforts in front of his family and friends. Through this gesture he is trying to make you feel your importance in his life and the fact that your happiness matters to him the most. He keeps thinking about you and wants to acknowledge the fact that you matter to him!


1. He Compliments You

If he is always telling you that you are beautiful then it means that he is madly in love with you. All wives want to hear this phrase from their husbands that she is the most beautiful women in his life and if he does this then he is indeed the best husband in the world. For many couples expressing the love tends to get lower as the years progresses but if he admits that you are still beautiful then he certainly deserves the medal. You should feel blessed if he is saying that to you often!


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