There is no concrete explanation that justifies the betrayal and deception to be that you want so much, but it is very noticeable that today most couples in the short or long term of what they have a relationship commit this kind of trances.

They betray you. In some cases they do it as an exit to put aside the difficulties they have.


1. The Friend of the Company that Works

You have to know that if your partner works in a company and has several partners with whom to interact, they will begin to have a courteous and kind treatment for some of them. That friend will see in it many interesting details that you pass unnoticed. Maybe he will ask you when his birthday is, what is his favorite color, what is his favorite food, etc. Eye!! This will make your wife feel appreciated and loved.


2. Confidential Friends

These friends are usually in permanent contact and making plans to go for a walk; either to the beach, to the movies or to make the famous barbecues. In these encounters, very intense friendship bonds are created that can lead them to commit any madness. For that reason, give your girlfriend all the love she deserves.


3. The Escapes at Night and in Secret

Sometimes everything starts with an appointment either, without taking into account that this exit can be the beginning to share things that your loved one can not share.


4. Traveling Constantly

Traveling regularly, whether for work, study or other reasons that have to do with their work, no matter what, will make you stress and in your free time think about turning your life around. Much more if you are drinking a tequila. This is not about forbidding what she does, but about understanding her and asking her to be more in touch with you, whether through chat, a message or call.


5. Social Networks

In many cases everything starts with a mistake when sending a chat, then a photograph and then the famous selfies. But will there be betrayal, if there was no physical contact? Of course there is, because a message establishes a feverish approach.


6. Do Not Please Keep

in mind that the intimate act is as interesting as watching the team of your loves, like eating the soup you like so much or seeing your son happy. For that reason, do not forget to give her pleasure and please her. Keep in mind, that they do not like muscular men, models or guys who presume to be movie actors; but someone who makes them feel unique, loved and who tells them little things of love in their ear.


7. Feels Sheltered by Loneliness

You do not go home, you go out to the park every night to talk with your friends, you show indifference, she wants to go out with you but you reject her; then to his mind come several questions: will he love me ?, will he be cheating me ?, will I be ugly?

Then, they begin to look for someone who understands them, who gives them confidence and above all accepts them with their virtues and defects.

8. You are Routine


9. Reparation


10. Love

is over This is something that hurts a lot, romance has fainted. But all this has a reason for being. She feels inferior to the others, alone, despised, feels sadness in the depths of her soul; all for your bad attitude that denotes a total disinterest of you towards her.

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