Signs You Will Marry Your College Sweetheart and Signs It Won’t Survive 2018


So you think college love last forever? You believe that your love story will have a happily ever after ending with getting married? To burst your bubble it will not be as you think it will be! Yes my dear college going friends it is important to differentiate between real love and your comfort zone with the person you have been with for so long.

It is true that you act easy with the person you have been with for so long and you think that the other person understands you! But the reality is that you just feel that this person is right for you because you both have spent time together. There might be love or just an infatuation for the other person developing in your head while in actuality things might be different.

Getting married is altogether a different thing and it might not be easier for you if you end up marrying that college love. When you are in college you are quite immature and growing in to becoming adults but when you actually become one you might think differently about the person you were once mad for! So here we go through the signs which make you think that this is the one, along with the signs which make you think otherwise!

10. Marry: You both just talk about each other


Are you that couple in college who are bragging in the entire college about how adorable your better half is all the time? Like seriously? Then you would be listening to a lot of Awwws and how cute or how sweet. *this makes you bat your eye lashes right?* If yes then you both are just busy giving out this message to the entire college about how nice the other person is irrespective of whom you are conveying this message to. Basically it is just that you guys feel that it is obligatory to talk about your significant half since you both have been together for so long!

9. Dampener: It might just be temporary


It could be just because you both have been there with each other for a long time now and you want to tell the whole world about it! Yes since you both have always been together it is likely that people always think that you guys are a thing! And now you want to move in the opposite direction since you are fed of this notion so you might start adding a little drama to all this and gossip about your sweetie behind their back! Just because you feel like that married couple who are done with the good times and now are just tired of being there! If both of you are doing this it could end up in a big fight! Yes so beware dude!

8. Marry: You guys are comfortable with each other


You think that you both love each other for who you are and thus end up loving every aspect of their personality. Be it their grumpy dog or innocent cat you both love it! I would go with the cat person though consider innocent. Yes so if you both can get along with each other’s stuff then you are good to go ahead with the marriage thingy!

7. Dampener: It might not be always ROSY!


Yes you got that right! Since you guys are both not “actually” living with each other right now the grumpy dog might not matter that much right now LOL! Some years down the drain when you are actually together and have to bear up with the farts, snores, baby poo then you might just want to bash the other person’s head! Or the fact that your college sweety thin and lean has become different as a grown up women and a mum! Or he just does not shave now unless it is really required! Hehehehe But that is the reality it is not always the same. Things change a lot after getting married from the time when you are in a relationship so yea make your choices carefully!

6. Marry: Getting along with families


Okay so you both get along really well with the other half’s family isn’t it? It is like having another family member when they are around? If yes then you would already be growing fond of the person he or she is and considering getting married. Also your family approves of them too and it is fun to have them around!

5. Dampener: It could be just because you both know them well


The fact that you both get along with each other’s family is that you both have grown literally together and you family has seen that phase. Since you both know each other from such a long time the families are familiar too and have experienced the same things while you guys grew up together. So it is better not to confuse it with real love. The family has also gotten used to of having you around thus do not lead yourself to think that this is the one while it could be otherwise! It could be that they just want to be around your family to impress you and does not approve of them much.

4. Marry: You feel that you both are similar


Okay so he loved watching “the fault in our stars” and you both ended up finishing the tissue box. Also she helps you with the gardening when you are both together. Consider awwwwww If you both love doing the same things when you are together will make you think that the other one is marriage material! So yea you both might be a lot similar to each other which makes you assume that you are in love with that person because you often end up saying “Look how similar we are”.

3. Dampener: You both hate each other


Since he always loves watching all the romantic movies just because you like them does not mean that he might not be watching “Jigsaw” when he is alone. That is the reality that it might not always be that he or she loves to do what “YOU” want to do. We all have our own preferences and we all do what we actually love to. You might not experience this when you are just together. But things might change when you both get married and then you hate him for being glued to his play station all the time! Or she continues to spend too much time reading all those romantic love stories with the tissue box besides her! LOL

2. Marry: You both laugh a lot when together


Okay so that fact that when you both are together you both end up laughing a lot makes you blush right? You feel that the other person might just be the perfect one for you because they make you smile all the time. I mean who can resist such a person who is only there to make you laugh and ensures the same all the time! Yes we all end up falling madly for such people and love to be around them!

1. Dampener: Both of you fight like crazy


No matter how much happy you both are together the fact that you both fight like crazy says a lot about you relationship. It means that you both are just together because you have been like this for long. Thus when it comes to fighting you both realize that there are no feelings for each other and might even go on without talking to each other for days! So better make it all clear in your head before you move on with the getting married decision!


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