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9 Things That Make Women Swipe Right on Tinder

via shutterstock Tinder- the hot dating app that has had more downloads than Pokemon Go. It is all the rage these days and a great...

11 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Relationships these day have become quite tough to manage. It gets more difficult to manage once you are married to the person. With the...

7 Ways to Get Closer to a New Partner

Shutterstock.com When in a relationship, you may find yourself treading on eggshells. This is all the truer if you and your partner have just embarked...




10 Celeb Siblings Who Hate Each Other (And 10 Who Are Best Friends)

Fame and family do not always mix. For as many successful family dynasties and duos that exist within Hollywood, there are just as many...

Teacher Fired For ‘Forcing Students To Sleep With Her For Grades’

A teacher from Columbia forced high-school boys to have sex with her in exchange for good grades. 40-year-old Yokasta M is said to have groomed...

11 Types of People to Avoid If You Want a Happy Relationship

There are some people who can’t build a healthy relationship, and they are very difficult to live with. Trending Dirt wants to show you the types of people that will...


20 Pics Of Blake Lively That Made Ryan Reynolds Fall In...

Blake Lively is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world and nobody knows that better than her doting husband, actor Ryan Reynolds....
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