Girl Who Was Asked For “No Clothing” Pictures, Comes Up With A Brilliant Response


Last weekend I was having a late-night conversation with my ex. He asked me to send him a seductive picture. It freaked me out!

But ladies, I am sure we all have been in such a situation. We end up texting some guy who turns out to be creepy, eventually asking us to send nudes. Recently, a girl who found herself in this vulnerable situation came up with a response so brilliant that almost every girl should give her an award for showing us the perfect way out.

The girl, Twitter account named ‘Par‘, lives in New Zealand. A guy asked for pictures of her “without all that unnecessary clothing on.” The guy thought that it was okay to ask but she didn’t feel comfortable for obvious reasons.

What Par sent the guy rather left him scratching his head and her going LMAO!

The girl later came up on Twitter sharing her bad yet wonderful experience inspiring girls across the globe.


The Girl with Self-Respect!

Par shared screenshots from her chat conversation on Twitter. The guy wasn’t able to figure out the situation for hours and later asked her if she had Kik. She then wrote, “Who the f**k uses Kik?”

The girl didn’t react but played smoothly with the guy slapping on his face silently.


The Girl with Brains!

This was the message the creepy guy sent her. It was weird especially when you notice the time-stamp. Looks like someone was having a horny morning.


She Sent Him a Picture of ‘Loading image’.

She didn’t freak out – nor did she show it. She pretended to have complied to his insane request.


I Think We All Should Keep Such an Image in Our Mobile Gallery.

The guy must’ve been grinding his teeth as to why the image ‘isn’t loading’.


Looks Like He is a Guilt-free Guy.

Not the phone, boy… you need a new perspective to look everyone from.


She Later Let Out Her Frustration on Twitter Attracting Ladies on Her Post.

Twitteratis swarmed in to the buzz of her post and rightly so. It was enraging, yet funny.


Women have been applauding Par for her quick and witty reply.

Even I was inspired by her quick wit. And quite frankly have saved an image of a loading sign on my phone – just in case my creepy ex texts me again.


A suggestion – the loading sign should be a gif so that the other person won’t know the truth easily. Lol!

Sure this guy was stupid and didn’t realize it then. But if the GIF is sent instead of the photo of the loading sign, it would be a safer approach.


Almost every girl would be benefitted with that ‘prank-loading-image’.

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