13 Year Old Takes Her Own Life After Being Raped, Writes a Letter to Warn Others


Bullying is a worldwide issue. It happens at every school, and is something that needs to be talked about more. Bully victims and bullies increase and nothing is done to stop it. Higher authorities, such as teachers, guardians, and parents, sometimes fail to understand the gravity of the situation and the circumstances it puts a child into.

Bullying has many forms, including cyber bullying and physical bullying. Name-calling, teasing, pushing, shoving, are all common practices seen amongst bullies. They will call you out on your physical appearance and make life a living hell.

However, perhaps the worst form of physical bullying took place in Melbourne, Australia, when a 15-year-old girl committed suicide, giving in to the physical and mental torture of being bullied and eventually, raped. It was too much for little Cassidy Trevan, who found it easier to take her own life on the 12th of December, 2015.

Who was Cassidy Trevan?

Cassidy Trevan / Facebook

Cassidy Trevan was a 15-year-old girl residing in Melbourne, Australia. She was a very frequent victim of bullying. A group of her girls from her school had started it, taking it too far on many occasions. She was psychologically abused, but later, that turned physical, as she was raped by two much older boys.

After this horrible incident, she took a break and tried to make a comeback after a term away. She started slowly this time, attending two days a week. However, as she got back, things seemingly took a turn for the better, as her former bullies now apologized to her in a very convincing way. Cassidy, desperately in need of friends, accepted their apology straightaway.

What followed was much worse …

Cassidy Trevan / Facebook

What followed, however, was much worse than preceding incidents. Cassidy’s new ‘friends,’ in an attempt to make it up to her, invited her to a festival they were going to attend. She quickly accepted, and then, the worst thing imaginable took place.

The girls took her a house nearby where two boys were waiting. These boys were older, and were up to no good. Inside the house, they took turns raping Cassidy. It pretty much destroyed her on all fronts. The then 13-year-old plunged further into a world of misery, anxiety, PTSD, nightmares, and tears.

Comments from her mother …

Cassidy Trevan / Facebook

Cassidy’s mother, Linda Trevan, commented openly on Facebook about the incidents that led to her daughter’s tragic fate.

Linda told media that Cassidy would often be slapped across the face by her bullies, who even left banana peels on her doorstep. They also used to abuse her on the internet and call her mother just so they could talk to Cassidy and terrorize her further. So much so, that a trip to the local shops would take a toll on her. After changing schools, Linda added, Cassidy was still being victimized by those girls. Linda even wrote an open letter on Facebook addressing the worldwide issue of bullying and how her daughter fell victim to it.

Cassidy’s Letter.

Cassidy, before committing suicide, had written a letter about all the terrible things that she was subjected to. Her mother found that letter, published by Australian Channel 9, and it read:

This tragic letter was found too little, too late; but in it, is a very powerful message from a victim herself. She clearly explains how one should fight for their life and seek help from people who would actually put in efforts.

Lessons galore …

A lot of lessons are to be learnt from this incident for students, teachers, and parents. If a child is complaining of a situation, they should be listened to. Otherwise, it could lead to terrible circumstances.

Parents should dig deeper into what their children are doing. Perhaps, if that was the case, Cassidy would still be among us today. Each one of us has a responsibility.

Cassidy’s tormentors, however, walked free, as she was afraid of giving a statement to the police. She was afraid of the aftermath. Thus, there was not enough proof.

The point remains that we should make sure our children are in a safe environment and if not, they should be moved far, far away. A check on their social media accounts should also be kept, and they should be made aware about help that is always available. Hopefully, all of us can learn from this incident and try to be more mature in the future. Bullies do it because they are low on self-esteem. Countless innocents have to suffer for the wrongdoings of others. For the sake of humanity, spare a thought. Save a life.


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