11 Random Acts of Intimacy to Improve a Relationship


The early stages of a relationship are always rosy and makes one feel heavenly! There is extreme surge of emotions, love and feelings which makes one go mad for the other one. Since it is the beginning the partners usually feel attracted to each other and want to make the relationship a strong one.

But the problem starts once those stages pass and you are towards the maturity stage of the relationship. You need intimacy to keep the relationship going and that even regularly in order to stabilize your relationship. The stress of this life takes a toll on us and we often forget the love we once wanted to have so eagerly. Keeping that spark alive in the relationship is extremely important.

So yea let’s explore how we can inject that intimacy in the relationship we once wanted.

11. Make a slow start


If you and your partner have not been on good terms for a while take a slow start to things but your partner should be aware of the fact that you are trying. Yes that is the key to let your partner know that you want to keep the spark alive in between you two.

Both of you must know that the key to success of the relationship is to keep trying. Just do not try to rush things and understand the fact that things will take time to return back to normal. Since there has been a lot of time that the relationship has gone blank you both need time to get back going!

10. Trying to understand things


When the relationship was in the initial stages I am sure intimacy would have been the only thing known to both of you. In fact at that time you both had to control your feelings to get ahead with the other tasks of your life.

If you are lucky it will all stay like this forever, but even if you do not feel that it is still there no need to panic. It is just that both of you are getting to your normal routines and the hormonal rushes which you both experienced at the beginning are just returning to normal.

The hormones released are responsible for babies as well as making you think that the annoying things which your partner is doing are amazing! So when the hormones stop acting like this they motivate you to move on to someone else and make you come back to your normal life.

Thus, you must understand that this is just a normal cycle of things and even if you do not feel that you are getting attracted to your partner just relax it is all normal.

9. Try to maintain the physical contact


It is okay for you not to have sex all the time but you should find ways to stay intimate such as kissing, touching, looking at each other or try to fanaticize with your partner in order to keep the spark alive! You must understand that our relationships also need feeding and we need to provide all the important nutrients for it to survive as well as stay healthy.

It does not necessarily mean that you end up having sex all the time but other forms of intimacy are always welcome for you. This is just a way to show your partner that you need them and they are an important part of your life.

8. Constant reminders


I am very sure that in the start of the relationship you would have been extremely intimate with your partner trying to constantly remind them how important they are for you. Also you both would have communicated in the way which reminded you both of each other’s existence such as text messages saying “I love you”, surprise gifts when you arrive at work, surprise birthday parties, visiting each other’s houses unannounced or going for shopping together.

These things made you both conscious of the presence of each other and how eager you both are to see each other. Similarly you need to do these things on a continual basis to keep the fire alive.

7. Be aware of each other’s perspectives


You both must understand that at times getting away from your partner is better rather than continuously sticking to each other. There are times when both of you want to have some time of your own so that you both realize that factor which brought you both together in the first place. The communication amongst the two of you should be open and clear. There shouldn’t be any misconceptions and the other partner should also respect the choices of the other one. If you both are unable to communicate freely chances are that the relationship might not be able to survive in the long-run.

6. Stop feeling guilty


If there is not temporary intimacy amongst both of you, this should not make you guilty. The fact that you both know your levels should not make the other one guilty that they are unable to perform well for maintaining the intimacy of the relationship. Otherwise this could lead to more problems being created amongst both of you in this relationship.

5. Do not say no all the time


If your partner comes with those intimate advances towards you, it is important that you do not shrug them off all the time rather try to say it in a polite manner that you are not in the mood. Another way can be that instead of saying no you should start to feel the intimacy who knows it might just end up brightening your mood and you start loving it! Just go with the flow and start enjoying the moment.

4. Find time for intimacy


It is important for you to realize that you need to provide food to your relationship constantly. So for that you both need to find time in your schedules and spend time with your partner. This is because it might be that your partner knows that you are busy and they are compromising the desire so as not to put you in an uncomfortable position. So yes you both need to have time for this important aspect of your relationship and in order for you to keep it going you should give time to each other.

3. Plan fun activities


Plan the fun activities together such as watching a movie while cuddling at home, or having fun in the kitchen you should have some activities or the other in order to keep the spark going. You can also do this by going on a vaction in order to take a break from work, explore new places, and much more.

This way you are giving a clear signal to your partner that you are both interested in keeping the intimacy alive and you both want the relationship to work in the long-run.

2. Appreciate each other


This is another most important aspect of your relationship that you need to appreciate and acknowledge each other for keeping the intimacy alive. Many relationships are saved this way and tend to go in a good direction in the long run. You should tell your partner that their thought process and input is very important for the relationship and it should stay this way.

1. Go to bed together


In order to keep the intimacy alive bed time should always be together in case you guys are staying together. Since our lives have changed and become too busy we often tend to overlook the time we have together. It could be due to children, work stress or other activities which keep us involved.

So yes try to go to bed together in order to enjoy those little moments of intimacy which you have.


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