10 Routines That Will Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child


The most adorable relationship in this world is of a parent and a child. This is the most selfless relationship as the parents are willing to do everything they can in order to make their child a better individual. Although being close to them is quite natural but building a relationship with them in this fast paced world where life is just ticking its time and we are all the slaves of time.

In this age it is very tough to do parenting task as well apart from fulfilling the basic needs of the children. But it is equally important for the parents to understand the fact that there is a difference in spending time and spending quality time.

Children are very vulnerable and tend to adopt things they see quite quickly. So it is really important for a parent to understand that if they will not spend time with the children, pure quality time that is chances are that the kids can get out of hands as they grow older.

It is the responsibility of the parents to build up a relationship of trust with their children so that the child trusts them and shares their life with the parents. Children should not be hesitant in sharing anything with the parents. SO here is a list of some routines which the parents can follow in order for the children to have a strong bond with the parents.

10. Making hugging necessary


In order to be close to your child it is your duty as a parent to get them in the habit of hugging. This way they will not feel any barrier between you and themselves and will be quite expressive with you. According to a family therapist Virginia Satir “We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance.

We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” So you can do that first in the morning when you are getting them out of bed and at night. When they are during the baby stage parents really hold them close to themselves but as children grow up and parents get involved in other responsibilities and kids they tend to stop doing these basic things which the children notice as well. So it is important to give equal importance to all the children and yes continue to hug them.

9. Have a healthy play time


As parents it is important for you to indulge in games with your children and tell them about the toys they have. Since only you can introduce them well with the toys they have so you should also get involved in their playtime. Also you can make up new fun games so that they spend less time in front of the television rather they enjoy with you. So yes make playtime really fun for them.

8. Stop using technology around kids


This is so important for the parents of this age to understand that using technology when children are around will also make them interested in it as well. I am sure you as parents will never want your children to start using technology at a very early age. Since children learn from us we must ensure that we do not take up any activity which can have a negative effect on their little minds.

So when children are around you or talking to you, it is important to pay attention to them rather than answering while looking in to your phone. This is because if children feel that they are not being heard they might stop communicating with you and will stop sharing things which are bothering them. Better give complete attention to your child and respond to your phone lesser as everything can wait.

7. Separate time for each kid


It is important for parents to realize that every child is important and needs equal attention. So divide your time and give time to all your children so that they do not feel deprived in any way. Moreover, you can also ask them to come individually and tell you what they want to rather than all of them talking to you.

6. Let them be expressive


You should try to tell your kids to be very expressive and tell you exactly what they are going though. If they are feeling upset ask them to trust you and tell you what is bothering them. Since you are closer to your child and they trust you that you can get them out of any situation, you should encourage them to tell you each and everything whether good or bad.

5. Stop criticizing


Majority times we are only criticizing our children in order for them to be accepted by the society. Often we become so paranoid that we do not even realize how much we are hurting our child’s self- esteem by continuously telling them that they are not good and must change so that they are deemed well-behaved in the society. This could have a very damaging impact on the overall personality of the child and can make them less confident about themselves. The child might feel that he or she is not a good person that is why they are being scolded all the time.

4. Both of should enjoy the moment


When you are spending time with your child it is important to make it interesting for both of you so that you both can savor the moment. You can make it interesting by doing something which both of you enjoy doing together may be talk about how both of you can paint the wall to give it a new look. It should be something not related to studies or their future but rather should be something which ends up being interesting.

3. Bedtime talk


Having a bed time talk is really important because when the children are sleeping there should not be anything which is bothering them. You can ensure this as a parent because you are closer to your child and they will tell you if anything is bothering them and they cannot discuss it with someone else. It might not be important to worry about the solution of the problem but just be there to listen to them so that they have a peaceful sleep without anything impacting their mind.

2. Being there when they need you


As a parent it is your duty to be there for the child’s important occasion of their life. Many parents nowadays forget to attend the parent teacher meeting of their child just because they are busy at work or out of town. Many times parents forget their children’s birthday or any other important event.

This can have a really disturbing impact on your child’s mind and might be a factor that they decide to stay away from you. They feel disappointed that their parents do not consider them important and they might also start comparing you to other parents which can make you sad. SO just ensure that you are there for your child when they need you or are expecting you to show up for them.

1. Give respect to their viewpoint


This is the most important habit which you need to develop as a parent. You need to listen to your child irrespective of any age. Even at a very young age children feel disappointed if parents do not listen to them and they feel neglected. So it is better for you to patiently listen to what your child is saying and empathize with them.

Make them feel that they are important too even if they are just two years old. Also give attention to their viewpoints and appreciate them to always give their opinion about things as this will make them more confident and will give them the ability to think rationally.


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